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Kelly Rowland Thinks Beyonce is THE Best Actress

Kelly Rowland was quoted as saying:
I tell you what, though, Beyonce was robbed of the Dreamgirls Oscar. She did a great job. Mind you, that won’t be her last opportunity. She’ll have plenty of Oscars in the future.”

My my my Kelly, that very big head must not house a very big brain. Instead of her being out there promoting her album, she's promoting Beyonce. But I guess any association with Beyonce is self-promotion in itself.

kelly has to promote b, or she will cut her off...b is cutthroat

This picture is original. I'm pretty sure Kelly is talking about Beyonce in this conference.

What the hell is she her man? Why she got her head all up B ass.

Kelly has always been Beyonce's "yes" girl. She knows damn well that Beyonce's role in Dreamgirls wasn't Oscar worthy. I like Beyonce too, but you gotta be realistic.

Get serious. Robbed? Pulease. She did not stand a chance against Jennifer Hudson. Once again, the she needs to be reminded that the world does not revolve around her. Get over it, Bee

Kelly big dumb ass needs to be promoting that dam album. Rather promoting swagger jacker

Was she serious? Kelly.....wake up!!

I thought she would of figured out what was up when "Destiny's Child" started bein introduced as "Beyonce' and Dem". She need to get a backbone and stop bein a follower

Beyonce over J Hudson in Dreamgirls? HELL NAW! Beyonce played the role that she is in real life a HOE!

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