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Not A Good Look For Kobe

Kobe Bryants ex-bodyguard is planning to release a tell-all book accounting Kobe's disturbing infedeliaties in his new book titled, "Dead Women Tell No Tales".

Here's an excerpt: Graber and Bryant meet in July 2003 in Kobe's luxury apartment in Westwood where the players is being entertained by two of his mistresses. Bryant proposes to his bodyguard to "eliminate" the witness in the Colorado rape case....

Click here to access the website: http://www.kobe-rape.com/online-book.php

all of this for money. i mean how low class and low down can people be?

Anyone will write a book nowadays.

I totally agree with both ^^

Everybody writin a "tell all" book. And what did he do when all of this was going on, just stand there and look? Yeah right, I'm very sure he was gettin some ____ too!!! (You fill in the blanks)

^^I agree, I hope he doesn't make a dime.

this is some BS!

I guess...

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