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Um. Ew.

Miss. Jones is writing a tell-all book about her bedding many celebrities, pretty sure much of it is made up, but it seems to be entertaining... here are some of the excerpts from the book:

On Busta Rhymes:

"With Busta, it was only sex," Jones writes. "I learned not to trust a proposal of marriage made in bed." However, Rhymes gets one great big compliment. "Busta was as gentle as he could be, because he was packing."

"Busta's lovemaking was not for the timid or faint of
heart." Jones also adds, "The fact that our lovemaking never lasted too long didn't bother me, because I didn't enjoy his drops of sweat raining down on me." Afterward, "Busta would stroll around the apartment butt-naked, then shower and go into the kitchen and fry an egg sandwich - for himself. I guess I should be grateful. It's not like he didn't offer me a bite." Of the sandwich.

Even though it's supposed to be a book about her many hook-ups she holds on bars on speaking against her number one enemy "Beyonce"...

"Jones goes on to call Beyoncé "barrel-a-d" and says
her "acting leaves something to be desired." She then claims that when she first met Beyoncé's fiancé, Jay-Z, "he turns and stares at my ass" and made a sexual remark. "

There's plenty of drama, too. When Jones lived in the same apartment building as the Notorious B.I.G., his lover Lil' Kim begged Jones to let her in to confront the rapper's wife, Faith Evans, she claims.

Can you imagine these 2 beasts having sex. HOW in the hell did this happen?

I can smell the funk from here. What does she gain out of doing this?

Oh sweet Minty Jesus.. when is this going to stop???

Jones is a HATER. I'm sure the stories in her book are as fake as that photoshopped picture!!

I swear I saw that picture last year. It is photoshopped that broad does NOT look like that. Real TALK.

Here, I do not actually imagine it may work.
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