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Ursher and Tameka To Marry Earlier...

I guess Ursher is really trying to make an honest man out of Tameka and marry this chick ASAP.. rumors are circulating that the wedding has been moved from sometime in 2008 to the END of the month, it's set to take place in a private location but we all know it's gonna be somewhere in ATL.

What's going on with that kangaroo pouch

Not cute at all. She needs to do 50 crunchs everyday for 3 weeks

All that money USHER got he could get his girl tummy did!!!!! Looks like she had churn!!!!!

This is pretty nasty. Isn't she pregnant also???

Why did she hoe herself with this picture????


you gone stop with that nastiness!

This comment has been removed by the author.

She is a sly person I honestly think SHE planned this pregnancy! Usher's mom might have told him about this woman; but he didn't like it so he fired his mom! Alot of these women are tricky like that (BTW this is coming from a woman who with no kids thank GOD)!

Usher is by far not the hottest, but damn! He could've have done way better. This hussy is old enough to have grown children, so she should've known better than to show her Rasputia-like stomach to the public. It's so crazy because I thought Usher was all about the bodies. He really dropped the ball this time.

Damn, I guess Usher got tired of playing "step-daddy" and wanted one of his own.

Is she wearing a pad????

black american is ugly ,boastful slave , monkey ,gruesome leave united state asshole yuckk

Damm!!! you usher

Usher u are too sexy to be seen with this ugly grl. Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u messed up real BAD.

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