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Foxy Brown Pregnant??

[picture courtesy of TMZ]

Fox Boogie Brown is allegedly 3 months pregnant and is scheduled to be married within the next month. This all comes after the judge ordered Foxy Brown to the custody of the state,and threw her in jail until her next hearing. Could this be a publicity stunt?

Brown had been on probation on assault charges, but two incidents in recent weeks violated her probation, thus leading Judge Jackson to send Foxy to jail.

Let me get this right, Foxy gets thrown in the jail for violating her probation on the same day of her court date. BUT Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton have done the same and it took atleast 4 months for them to even see a Judge. Bitch should have just fled to rehab like the rest of them.

it is unfair but what can you do? foxy was arrested 2 times last week. and he was on probation and the same judge said i better not see you here again for nonsense and her she comes again. and she has somthing goin on in florida. and lets not forget her man who had his hoes beat her up. i wonder if that is her baby's father? anyways, the white girls also live in california and they are notorious for being easy on celebs. if that they did happened in ny, i think it would be a whole different story

Hollywood is unfair. Where's Al Sharpton.

You wanna bumble with the bee huh, buzzz, throw a hax on your whole family, dressed in...Huh, what did you say? "that's little kim's song"...Oh...well, what was Foxy famous for...being a Kroeger faced women with a nasty kroeger attitude...oh-okay, that sounds about right...Dummy
But on a serious note: Kids, Drugs are not for everybody
This has been another service announcemnt brought to you by IBWI "Im Bored at Work Incorporated"---Tee-Hee...Dummy

Oh yeah and unfortunately racism is alive and well...This is not Fair in any since of the word...This whole cituation is Kroegered up...

What's his "perm head" a$$ gonna do besides march up and down the street?

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