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Quote of the Day

"Let's get one thing straight, You are behind the counter because you have to work for minimum wage. I'm on this side asking to see the good jewelry because I make considerably more."- Condoleeza Rice to jewelry counter associate.

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I ain't mad at her. For that...

Its not what you say but, how you say it...She obviously has everyone write her speeches but fo'real-fo'real she is straight up ig-nant...Kroeger Face

Even though the girl was wrong she Condi still needs to be the better person and be tactful...Kroeger Dummy

Aight...Aight...Kroeger Face

She's right about sales associates getting nasty when they should concentrate on making the clients spend more money. Also, how is she the most powerful woman when she doesn't produce any results wherever she goes regarding deals around the world. What is her title and what is she so-posed to be doing? People are mad about her postion but she never does anything. Oprah Winfrey does more deals than her.

what the hell is a kroeger

Condi did the right thing, if you ask me. Why should she or anyone allow themselves to be disrespected?

The story shows Condi is as deadly inept at the social graces as she was/is in her federal government positions. She should be counting her blessings that she most likely (due to USA's superior brute military strength) won't be tried, convicted and executed for her part in the policy that has killed tens of thousands of Afghan and Iraqi women, children and grandparents.

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