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Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married" Poster

Here's a new poster for Tyler Perry's upcoming film, "Why Did I Get Married". There has been a lot of buzz going on about this movie, and not the good kind might I add. I've heard rumors that this movie is just a repeat of, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and Madea's Family Reunion." The concepts are all basically the same. Not to forget the painfully bad sitcom, "House of Payne", It's not looking too good for Tyler Perry. But I'm sure fans will flock to see Janet Jackson in her first acting role since Poetic Justice, and singer Jill Scott flourish on the screen.

The movie is to set to hit theatres on Oct.12


Janet was in that Eddie Murphy movie....I can't think of the name of the movie...but Jada Pinkett Smith was in the first one and Janet in the second one....

where do you get your information? Tyler Perry's sitcom is the highest rated sitcom in TBS history and all of his movies are are high grossing so stop the hate.

^ House of Payne is the worst sitcom in sitcom history!! Only 18% of America watch TBS which doesn't say much about it being the highest rated sitcom. I hope this is a good movie, I'm looking forward to watching Janet act again.

Don't think it is hating to criticize. Constructive criticism is needed sometimes. Tyler Perry peaked with "Daddy's Little Girls," but those other too films included some horrendous acting. Also, the wedding scene on "Family Reunion" was bizarre. Angels hanging from the ceiling playing harps. Please

Was Janet not in the Nutty Professor?

I hope Tyler Perry continues to make the kind of movies that he does - they involve real emotions, the plague in many black families, betrayal, belief in God and the ability to forgive in an effort to emerge with stronger bonds and a stronger self. With so few opportunities for black film-making with largely black ensemble casts, I think anyone who shoots down Perry's attempts at uplifting African-Americans is shameful and wrong. As African-Americans we should continually support his efforts. Pay attention to the message and not whether angels hanging from ceilings are real. How many of you watch soaps operas? Where is the reality in those shows? Or how many of you watch those ridiculous "reality" shows where people fall in love after a few shows? Perry's House of Payne may not be the next Cosby Show but I watch it anyway because there aren't many other shows on t.v. with Black ensemble casts and this is my way of showing support for more shows that I can relate to. Keep up the great work Tyler and shut out those who are just looking to emit negativity. God Bless!

Janet Jackson was in The Klumps...do your research!!!

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