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Beyonce on Ellen

B was on Ellen yesterday with Destiny's Child her new band.


Toastee on her departure from FOL2
As you all know MK over at Dlisted has discussions with Toastee from Flava of Love after every show. Last week she of course got eliminated due to the fact that Nibblz told Flav that she [toastee] dabbled in porn. Toastee denied those claims stating that she was a "model" But Flav went online and printed off a picture of her and showed it during Elimination. If you saw the show I bet your ass was glued to the tv tryna see what picture Flav showed. Well worry no more my pretties here's the picture he showed at the elimination ceremony and Toastee's say on what happened:

MK: So you didn’t get with Foofy? Ok, that answered my other question. Now let’s get the real shit. Tell me exactly how you felt about Foofy showing that nude picture of you to everyone and why did Nibblz spill it to him like that?

Toastee: The tears that everyone saw on TV were real- I was a mess. I was really, really shocked that Flav decided to print out a photo and whip it out at the elimination ceremony. I still stand by my opinion that I’ve never done porn. The photo that he found was from a shoot I did when I was 18 years old. It was a photo of me naked, in a very "open" pose, but just me, nobody else. Yes it was immature for me to have done that kind of work in the past, but it IS the past. I am not a stripper. I am a medical school student and I own a modeling agency now to help new models find safe and reliable work. I think it’s very hypocritical for online strippers like Nibblz and crackheads like Flav to judge me or look down on me at all for something I did at 18. There was no reason to show the photo to everyone at the elimination ceremony other than to hurt me. THAT is very immature. I am not mad at Nibblz- she did what she felt she had to do to get me off the show. I expected something cheap and low-class from someone cheap and low-class like herself. It’s a shame however that VH1 and Flavor Flav had to manipulate and humiliate a young girl on national television to bring ratings. I really do think this was staged since the audition process and could have easily happened to any of the other girls with "pasts" on the show. You live and you learn though. I’ve learned from the show just like I’ve learned from the past. I’ve gotten hundreds and hundreds of emails from fans that are just sooo nice and really caring. It means a lot that strangers feel the need to show me their support! Thanks everyone!

Catch the rest of the interview over at D-Listed.

To my mind everybody have to glance at it.
check this

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