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Khia's Response to Trina's Diss Track

... Lost? About 3 weeks ago Khia dissed Trina in a XXL magazine interview, Trina then proceeded to make a Khia diss track titled "What's Beef?" Khia then retaliates and makes a diss track dissing Trina and even bringing up the "miscarriage" that Trina recently had.

For all ya'll that are still lost when Khia says "How what you gonna name your baby? Baby? That's in response to the rumors that Trina and Baby (from Cash Money/Lil Waynes Mentor, hence the reason he calls himself "The Bird Man Jr.") were messing around.

Click here to listen to the song on her Myspace PageClick here to listen to the song on her Myspace Page

Khia's diss: Ho what you gone name your baby? Baby? Man. I love you Lil Weezy but that ain't your baby.

Rotten Body corroded b*tch, can't even have no baby. Lil Weezy tighten up boy I'll have your baby"

Danity Kane's New Video
I remember a time in my life when I swore to bejesus that I wouldn't watch MTB3... This weekend since there wasn't anything on tv I decided to watch all 8 re-runs of MTB3 and I must say I LOVE these girls! PLUS, they did a video for my favorite song "Showstopper".. I will definately go out and download this cd *hehe* Just joking

Danity Kane - Show Stopper featuring Yung Joc

Oh Britney

Someone needs to start a petition for this craziness.and I just LOVE how the straw is missing her mouth, that's happened to me on many occasions.

Britney looks terrible but i must say her missing the straw in her mouth really reminds me of you!!

ihate khia she looks fat and nasty i love trina

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