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Lil Wayne Crying Over Who??

Nivea?? A Lil Wayne track ( All Alone) had leaked and Weezy F. showed some raw emotion on this joint, damn did Nivea put that "new new" on him? Check out the lyrics :

Today I didn't wake up with a woman on my side Neither the day b4 that or b4 thatI just remember the moments call me kodakAnd you should know that I miss you, but it's your denial that I must hold against you

Since you've been gone,I have been all alone, but the steroids made me strong,Girl now you're gone in the wind,you cheated on God's son and girl that's a sin

I forgive you but I can't give you another chance,cuz you're in my rearview, I PUT THAT RING ON YOUR FINGER and it's all in, But now that's symbol of what it could have been

Now we would have thought he was talking about Trina, but we all know Trina never got a wedding ring from Weezy. And who should we thank for letting us know that Weezy cried like a lil boy around a Catholic priest when he and Nivea broke up? Gillie Da Kid, the one who leaked the photo of Weezy and Baby kissing.

Click here to listen to the track

I don't know. I did hear that he and Trina were engaged. Who knows who this is? It's funny that it'd come out around him and Trina's breakup...that's why I think he could be referring to her.

he is talkin bout trina cause cause in the beginin he say listen princess and he call trina princess cause she the diamond princess duh!

I don't know who he is talking about. Who cheated on him? Maybe he isn't talking about anybody and this is another "confessions" song. This may be something to keep people listening to the gossip.

He's talking about the mother of his child. They were actually married for a few moinths.

Wayne is not talking about Trina, or Nivea he is talking about the Mother of his Child the one he married, and you all should also read the Jan. Sista 2 Sista magazine.

Lil Wayne is talking about Trina.. he DOES refer to her as princess, and there is another song out on his mix tape name "Weezyana" and he is rapping about how Trina cheated on him,and they were engaged, and he put that ring on her finger.. also in the song Wayne is thanking Currency for letting him know Trina was being unfaithful


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"wayne is not talking about trina cause he neva gave trina a ring."he is talkin about his baby momma him and her was married for a while and then they got spilt up yall need to start readin instead of listening to other people

That's bs he talkin bout TRina cus like mzchubbycarter said in the beinging of the song he say "listen up Princess" the talking bout Trina.......

it wuz trina h3 wuz talkin cout-aint no doubt acout it-bkut maybk if yall would r3ad-yall would kno

yall slow cuz if yall do remember him and nivea were engaged up until she cheated on him and had another mans baby...check yall stuff before yall post



most likely hes refering to trina but who knows

wayne was engaged 2 every woman he's been wit' so who knows..

Okay, to let ya'll know. He is talkin about Nivea. Just cause Trina call her skanky ass the diamond princess don’t mean that he talking bout her or that he cant call no other female princess. Get a life. He also has another song for Nivea and yes she still got his nose WIDE OPEN, Trina was just a tip drill. The song for Nivea is called "something you forgot" and you can tell he talking bout Nivea on this one cause he says the nicknames they used to call each other and says "I was from Louisiana she was from Georgia" and then says something bout how her new man got a queen and he know her daughter will be amazing just like her. You can hear this song at IMEEM.COM or just look it up I guess.

wayne talkin bout his baby momma letoya

no, honey it's nivea.

lol u dumb asses dont know who its about so stfu its not his bm cuz dey was never marriied how fuckin stupid gossiip fuckin sucks dumb asses only wayne knows who he was talkin bout so let it go!

Well i think lil wayne is talking about nivea because he made the song awhile ago and in the song he said that the girl he loved is with someone else and that she had a daughter and that he know her daughter is beautiful like her, now his baby mama ain't got no other kids and trina don't got no kids and trina didn't get married to nobody, nivea did. So therefore the song is about nivea!!!

y ARE yAll BEiNG S0 DUMB...S0ME fAkE ASSz WEEZy fANSz y0U ARE!!!
HE'Sz tAlkiN B0Ut HiSz BABy MAMA lAt0yA "t0yA" jENS0N!H0W CAN 0Nly 3 PPl kN0W tHAt.WAyNE WASz 0Nly MARRiED 0NE tiME AN tHAt WASz WitH HER. yEA iN "S0MEtHiNG y0U f0RG0t" HE SAiD "i kN0W y0U'RE DAUGHtER WiLL BE S0 AMAZiNG likE y0U" yEA HE WASz tAlkiNG AB0Ut HER!if y0U WERE REAl WAyNE fANSz y0U W0UlD kN0W tHAt tHE S0NG CAME 0Ut WAyyyyy BEf0RE HiM AN tRiNA WERE t0GEtHER S0 H0W iN tHA HEll C0UlD HE BE tAlkiN B0Ut S0MEtHiNG tHAt HASN't HAPPENED yEt?...


everybody and they grandma know dude is still on nivea(wayne lyrics say)"wit my bottom b*tch from Savannah."who do u think he's talking about, not trina. Trina aint even from Georgia but i am and Nivea is too. And wayne probably thank me for cleaning up da rumors. Trina aint got it like dat shawty, come on.

I know this song is for Nivea & NOT Trina just bcuz when he says,
1st].give me back her hands
{He got engaged 2 Nivea NOT Trina}

2nd].Cause um, we from New Orleans, she was from Georgia
{Trina from Florida Nivea from GA}

3rd].You forgot about the house, you forgot about the ring
{Wayne only gave Nivea a engagment ring}

4th].I just wanna hear you sing
{Nivea Sings, Trina Raps}

5th].I know your daughter will be so amazin' like you
{Nivea got a daughter, Trina dont}

6th].I hope that nigga know he got a queen, and all I can do is dream .. DAMN
{i think he talkin bout Dream in this part but i dont know,}

So I think is Straight up bout Nivea, And i hope they get bac 2gethet, cuz he and Dream gettin a divorce.

the song "all alone" is about wayne's ex wife, BUT "Something u forgot" is all about NIVEA...man wayne loves that girl, they need to get back together...

this is trina he talkin bout well in my opinion cause she got a song uot that say i messed up but i fessed up and whatnot so it jsut sounds like it goes..

who ever said nivea pat ur self on the back...
its fuckin nivea..
i know weezy...hes mah homie.

in tha song "hey america" off weezyaveli...he says,"ya child is so precious, i wish it was paternally mine." he talks about nivea in tha song...she tha one wit a kid..trina dont have one.

n in interviews he said niveas name..
he said," hey nivea baby...mah door is always open"..

its on youtube..
type in "lil wayne leaked carter 3"

its the first video..hes wearing a white shirt.
he says it at the very end.!

Yo about that Lil Wayne situation I'm confused cuz he makes so many songs first it was the song sweetest girl then i feel like dying, then something you forgot, then lollipop, then gossha. Lil wayne make sure don't nobody know who he talking bout only person that know is probably just him and birdman

It is trina cuz in Trina's new song Single Again he on the remix an he say he gave her a ring that he dont need back. So they were engaged an he calls her his princess an she cheated on him.

^ person above me is right, cause he was engaged to trina 'ol loose pussy ass, and she cheated on his ass,...and it wasn't nivea cause in the song "somethin' you forgot" he says that he fucked up, so that means that they broke up cause of him. La La La

Okay to set the record straight, This song is about Trina indeed, she cheated on him, they were in fact engaged and she also suffered a few miscarriages from him. If you listen to her song "so many memories" that song is about wayne and she explains alot. I know that song is about wayne becaus she says "9/27/82 born (his birthday) look into my eyes, iam so torn, hold on baby, ad get a clear view, cause when you roll down ya windows im in your rear view" and in the end she says "now ya girls all alone no more carter baby" amog many other lines that point to weezy. Lyrics:

(So Many Memories)
You Gotta Let The Tears Fall For This One
(So Many Memories)
(So Many Memories)

9-27-82 Born
Look Into My Eyes
I'm So Torn
Slow Down Baby And Get A Clear View
Cuz When You Roll Down Your Windows
I'm In Your Rear View
Hold On Baby Boy
I Know Its Hard For Ya
But Ya Girl Got Your Back
And I'ma Ride For Ya
And I Swear For God, I'd Die For Ya
How'd I Look In Your Eyes And Still Lie To Ya?
Now When You Look In My Eyes, I Just Cry To Ya
& Chris Brown Made It Hard To Say Goodbye To Ya
I Still Remember Those Days I Got A Dial Tone
Tears Fallin From My Eyes
But I Held On
Now Your Memories Are All I've Got To Live On
All Outta My Zone
I Cant Move On
Hurts Worse Than Death
That You So Gone
But The Chapter Is Done
Poof, Be Gone
I Wipe Away My Tears
I Got My Swag Back
Word Out On The Streets Is That Ya Girl Is Back
You Must Not Know Bout Me
I Got Your Name Tattooed So Tha World Could See
I Dreamt One Day We'd Make We
A Boy For You And A Girl For Me
But One Day Just Outta Tha Blue
That Boy For You Became A Dream Come True

(So Many Memories)

I'm Stressin
No Restin
You Chillin
Its Killin
We.... Gone
Yea And Now I'm Back In My Zone
I Got So Many Sayin I Should Leave It Alone
Give It Up Let It Go Cuz Your Boy Is Gone
Stop Drivin By His Crib Cuz Your Boy Aint Home
Stop Lookin At Your Pager And Stop Callin His Phone
You Better Act Like You Fly And Put Your Lip Gloss On
Put Your Ass In Ya Jeans And Get Your Grown Girl On
You Shoulda Listened To Your Mama And Picked Up That Phone
One Call Aint Hurt
I Shed Blood For You
And When Them Niggas Started Hatin I Threw Slugs For You
Now All Thats Left Is What Was Of You
And Now I Wanna Wake Up Cuz There's No You
And Now I'm Down On My Knees Askin "What'd I Do?"
Cuz Baby Life Means Nuthin To Me Without You
Real Love Never Dies Thats What You Told Me
But Now Your Love's Flowin All Thru Tha Industry
And Now Tha Media And Press Got A Hold Of We
And Now Tha Whole World Knows That We Aint We
And She Aint We
And She Aint Me
And She Can Never Be
Listen Up To Em
Cuz Im Talkin To You
I Got A Message And Its Just For You

(So Many Memories)

Red Carpet Next To Me Is A Good Look For Ya
Paparazzi Everywhere Snappin Pictures of Ya
You Know I Love The Way You Talk When You Real High
Gueseppi Bags When You Come Home And Thats Fly
Baby Boy You Kept It Real And Kept Me Lookin Nice
Made It Rain In My Purse Each And Every Night
Back Seat Of The Phantom Made It Look Twice
And Now Its All Just A Memory Of My Life
One Ring One Watch One Chain
One You One Me One Name
Just Let Me Drown
Please Dont Save Me
You Know You Should Have Held Down A Little Harder Baby
But Now Ya Girl's On Her Own
No More Carter Baby
I Said Ya Girl's On Her Own
No More Carter Baby
No Kissin
No Touchin
No Huggin
No Snugglin
I'm Missin Your Lovin
My Body Cant Function
Now I'm Back On My Grind
I Gotta Stay Fly
Ya Girl's Hot
In The Booth I'm So High
Haters All On My Back But They Can All Die
Stuntin Just Like You Daddy No Lie
Big Spender
Big Whipper
Dolce Sipper
I Miss Ya

About him and nivea, that was his true love, which he recently admitted on BET's blueprint. Tigga asked him about trina (he brushed it off) superhead (said they was just friends) and Nivea he said "3 words, i love nivea and everything about her" and he pointed to his bracelet n said "she got that for me"...anyway... He cheated on her and she ended up marrying the dream and having his daughter then divorcing him, and thats where the song "something you forgot" came from, that song was written for nivea.

[Chorus (Lil' Wayne)]
I've been lonely, I've been waiting for you
I'm pretending, and that's all I can do (that's all I can do mama)
The love I'm sending ain't making it through to your heart (I hope you hear me)

[Lil' Wayne]
Pain, since I've lost you, I'm lost too
Nigga feelin' like he at the bottom like a horse shoe
Sorry for the trouble that I put you and your heart through
God knows that I'd do anything for a part two, or to
be prayin' for the day you come back to me, sayin' that you forgive me
Give me another chance, I'm needin' it like a kidney
I don't wanna advance, give me back her hands
Give me back her touch, I don't ask for much
but I fucked up, I know I fucked up, I admit I fucked up
but everybody fuck up, now this other nigga lucked up
Tellin' me and my clique don't give a fuck
Cause um, we from New Orleans, she was from Georgia
She was my down chick, I was her soldier
I was her gangsta, she was my shoulder
You were the pistol to my holster .. BANG!

[Chorus (Lil' Wayne)]
You've been hiding, never letting it show
Always trying, to keep it under control (I see you hidin' it mama)
You got it down, and your well on your way to the top (keep doin' your thing)
but there is something you forgot

[Lil' Wayne]
You forgot about the house, you forgot about the ring
I remember everything, I just wanna hear you sing
I remember the love, right after the fights
You can't tell me you don't remember those nights
and if I would cry, then you would cry twice
To me you are the brightest star under sunlight
See take away my title, take away my stripes
You give me back my girl and you give me back my life
Give me back my girl and you give me back my life
See this is just a nightmare, so I blink twice
Open up my eyes hopin' she'd be in my sight
I remember the time, I wish I could bring it back
What she mean to me, is what I mean to rap (what I mean to rap)

[Chorus (Lil' Wayne)]
You've been hiding, (y'know) never letting it show
Always trying (I see you hidin' it mama)
to keep it under control (but I know you know)
You got it down (I know you do)
and your well on your way to the top
(but I wish you and yours nothin' but happiness shawty)

[Verse 3:]
But I hope you haven't forgot about me up in the livin' room watchin' Sports Center
You were cookin' dinner, I was such a sinner, but the Lord is a forgiver
You know they say if you pray then you can get your blessings ordered and delivered
and your boyfriend is not like me
Ma you even went and got a teardrop like me
I remember we would sit at home all day
You called me "Butta", I called you "Babe"
My momma asked about you, my partners did too
I know your daughter will be so amazin' like you
and I know you probably wish you never met me, and I just wish you never forget me
and let me say, please don't worry 'bout the women I have been with
No engagement can amount to your friendship
and I hope that nigga know he got a queen, and all I can do is dream .. DAMN!

I've been lonely, I've been waiting for you
I'm pretending, and that's all I can do
The love I'm sending ain't making it through to your heart

So there it is in black n white...

Yall r fuckin retarted
its not about trina
his baby momma name is not letoya! its antonia johnson "toya" for short so get ya facts straight
and no one knows if its about nivea or toya cuz nivea is from georgia originally but toya lives in georgia presently so yeahh get your shit together

Lil wayne was engaged to Trina but he didn't have any kids by her and Lil Wayne does not get along with his baby mamma any way. Lil wayne was talkin about nivea fo sho because he still love nivea thats what he told everbody on blueprient.

lil wayne is with nivea

he is talkin bout trina cause trina put out a song bout him n he replyin they been doin this for a long time now

I'm not a big fan of Lil' wayne, but damn, thise whole shit is so ridiculouse .. I know that he's a star, but seriuosly that's fuck'd up, that people are discussing about lil wayne crying, and why he cryed .. that's simple shows, how low and bored people are, for not to talk about lack of life ...

some spelling mistakes I see .. I'm off

Thank you for the article! Good luck!




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lil wayne is talking about his ex wife toya not trina nor nivea...but toya the woman whom he was married to FIRST and who had his first child by

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