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Who Cares News...

Well I care dammit, I for one am a die-hard fan of the hit tv show "Ugly Betty" I think I've mentioned her twice in my blog and I'ma do it once more. For those who are sleeping on this show you can catch the "Ugly Betty" episodes (the FULL ones) anytime you want online over at ABC (click here) if Ugly Betty isn't your cup-of-tea you can also check out "Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, 6 Degrees, Lost" and many other ABC shows.

The stars of Ugly Betty held a press conference yesterday.

America Ferrara (Betty Suarez)

Salma Hayek

It's sooo crazy to see America and then Betty...

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I love this show, it's my guilty pleasure

who knew ugly betty looked liek that under all the.. ugliness. This is my guilty pleasure also!

I care too, and now I can watched missed episodes! Thanks!

Vanessa Williams is incontrovertible proof that Black don't crack. LOVE HER!

i love this show! but i missed this weeks episode. america is beautiful

I forget which blog I was on before I stumbled over here...

Anyway, I can't explain why I love this show, but I do! Vanessa Williams is my fav.

That Salma knows she's been blessed!

Great googaly moogaly!

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