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Free and AJ Back On BET?

Rumors are circulating that Free and AJ are supposed to be re-negotiating their contract to come back and host 106 & Park. If you're an avid 106 & Park watcher you'll notice that Terrence and Rocsi are stinking up that place, the ratings are down and the crowd really ain't that crunk, I'm sure there's an "applause" sign hanging up somewhere. Aside from that Rocsi's voice is hella annoying. This isn't set to happen until the middle of next year but keep a look out for special cameo's on the show from these two.

I sure hope so! I cant stand these two we have now

terrence is related to the dude from groove theory--is that how he got his job? rosci's annoying! bring back free and AJ permanently, BET!

I just don't know what BET is going through. How can they not know they got two bird brains on the set? I'm sooooo over those two. Free & AJ would be a MUCH needed breath of fresh air, and I hope BET bows down and pays them what they're worth.

I'm sorry but i feel as though Free and A.J., although good hosts they were, are just a little too old to be trying to host them some 106 & park. I think they should just do a contest like MTV does and find them some new hosts that way the viewers can vote for who they want had not have a reason to complain.(unless ur person doesn't win)

they did do a contest and thats how the current two hosts got the job.

i miss those 2 after so many years they were the only cooler people i knew when i was watching bet when i was like 7.plese let them come back bet.

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