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Another "N" Word Moment...

[click play video to see video]

People are starting to get bold now-a-days with the "N" word.

Brat packer Anthony Michael Hall used the N-word twice while signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans last night, and it all went down outside the Laugh Factory (The Place where Kramer first used the word back in November), of all places.

When a particularly large, Hispanic looking fan came up to Hall looking to take a picture with him, Hall jokingly said, "I am scared of this nigga right here."About a minute or two later, while posing for a pic with another fan, Hall says to someone off camera, "S'up nigga?"

OK...I don't know who this clown is BUT WTF??? You're right, white people are gettin bold as hell wit that shit. The thing I hate about white people and the "N" word, is the apology that follows. If you're gonna be bold enough to say that shit, don't let Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton preach you into an apology. Where's the white man who says nigger in public and when asked about it responds, "Hey, I say it all the time to my buddies, why apologize cus I said it in public?"

I agree, they are getting bold. I remember when white people would only say that in the privacy of their home now they will go infront of an audience and yell it 4 or 5 times and not think anything of it.

I'm Black and I think people are making WAY TOO MUCH OF THIS!!!!

I was a HUGE fan of Anthony Michael Hall's in the 80's. He starred in a lot of teen movies.

Him saying, "What's up my Nigga", and Kramer calling people, "Nigger", and referencing hanging people upside down with forks up their asses 50 years ago are two different things.

As far as I'm concerned, Anthony Michael Hall gets a pass. He seems really cool and laid back.

Black folks need to stop trying to have it both ways. I don't, but some of us use the word on a daily basis, and then have the nerve to get mad when someone else does. We all know that people all over the world mimic everything Black people do. Why would we be stupid enough to think that people wouldn't eventually pick that up too.

You can't have it both ways folks!!!

I still think it's wrong! I dunno this guy, but being a public person shouldn't make this jokes!

Hallo, people! This site is worth of your time!

I guess thats his way of saying "Happy MLK Day" Dang shame.

aww hell naw not my dude from 'sixteen candles.' damn :'(

thats what i am saying chi chi loved this man why oh why? i think alot of it is for career boost

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