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Nia Long Covers Essence

Nia Long is on the February Issue of "Essence". She went on the set the record straight on what really happened the night her two lovers got into a fight.

Essence: Last summer everyone was talking about how you were involved in an ugly scuffle at The Grove, an upscale shopping mall in Los Angeles

Nia:Yes. But I want to get this straight: It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t start it; I didn’t throw any punches. It was one man’s ego against another man’s pride. It was all about them.

Essence: But how do two grown men start fighting at a mall?

Nia: What happened was, I’d gone out to dinner with my son and a friend of mine. This was the first time I’d ever brought my child around someone I was dating, so it was a big deal. After dinner, my son’s father (to whom Long was previously engaged; the couple broke up when their son was a toddler) needed to pick him up, so I told him to meet me. Really, I had no intention of introducing him to my friend right then, because my life is my business. He knows I’m a good mother, and that’s the most important thing. But he got to the mall a lot faster than I thought he would. It’s like he put on his Batman wings and flew (laughing).When I saw him I thought, Okay, this is nothing to get excited about, and I introduced him to my friend. They shook hands, and then I guess my son’s father just got emotional, because he basically punched my friend in the face.

Essence: He shook his hand and then popped him for no reason?

Nia: Words were exchanged, but I’m not going to repeat them. Really, I don’t think that fight had anything to do with me. I think it had to do with our son. Men are very protective of their children, and ours is his first and only child. I think my child’s father was like, “This is who’s around my son?” and just kind of lost it. Then they started fighting, so I walked off because I didn’t want my son to get the idea that this is appropriate behavior. That’s when the mall security came and broke it up, and the police were called. (Long’s ex did not return repeated phone calls from Essence.)

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I'd kick some ass about me some Nia Long too..

Wow, all this infront of her child.

I'm at the plantation right now, so I'm lauging on the inside - but this "story" stinks. Nia know she lyin about something. Also, I've heard from a very reputable source that her baby's father, and "ex-fiance" is indeed her ex HUSBAND that she has always refused to claim. Gorgeous & talented woman, but she's a nut. In a good way I guess - cuz she got brothas fightin over her in the Grove. Loves it. ;)

Lord Jesus this whole time I thought this was a lie! Who wasthe guy she was on a date with?

It was ( cuttino mobley )

for the LA Clippers

That is pretty messed up.

Nia Long wanted to see some action
( To see how her baby daddy react.

I read both stories and they don't even match.( she is stupid ass and a hollywood-
ganster) HA HA HA HA HA

About Nia Long:

I looked at tmz.com website and the essence magazine ,To me it( smells like dog shit with flies) she is hiding something
and why i say this because she calls her baby daddy so he can pick up his son but some how somebody triped him up about
something because they said he flew like batman like some thing happen and when he got there Nia long says words were exchange
between the two(Soooooooo sorry that is bullshit) All three of them were arguing and so on.....!!BUT!! then her baby threw a
punch then all hell break loose and Nia longs new !!BOO!! or you can say !!HUSBAND!!= (Cuttino Molbley)
Beat him up hands down, But why ? they said she left the scene (BULL SHIT) she stayed and
watch the hole thing and when it was finish she slaps in the face and that is so sad ,But at the same time he has every right to see his little boy
and i believe she is doing this because she is famous and to make her baby daddy look so bad,
And if everyone disagree with the things i wrote go back the essence website and read it
and read deep in to it and you will find things that don't match at all ,My wife and cousins saw that
magazine and my cousins said that she is full of shit and my wife says that ( something is not right
with this story).

And this is coming from a black man and i am thankful that my wife is white
and i got three beautiful children and i wanted to meet nia long every since
i was 15 years old now i am 28 but (I AM COOL SHE IS NOT WORTH FLASHING A



ALHAMD-U-LILLAH = (All Praise Be To GOD)

!!BOOO!! Get your black monkey ass off property !BOOO! I see you nigga! Get your chocolata ass off my property! BOOOOOO!

And that was for you Nia Long, again:

!!BOOO!! Get your black monkey ass off property !BOOO! I see you nigga! Get your chocolata ass off my property! BOOOOOO!

@Danovis...what does your white wife have to do with anything? Who really cares. Trust...yo ass wish u could have some Nia. YOU need to stop lying.

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