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Johnny with his son Isiah

The January 2007 issue of Sister 2 Sister features a seven page interview with Johnny Gill. In the article the proud papa gushes about fatherhood, talks about the relationship with his son's mother and taking two DNA tests to make sure he was indeed the father.

And on those pesky rumors about him and Eddie Murphy:

"All that shit. Now come with all that shit now, and I've got a son now to protect with all that ignorant bullshit. And it's, like, now you're getting ready to see who Johnny is," said Gill.

"That's my best friend for life," he continued. "And no matter what anybody wants to say, you're not splitting us up from being best friends. There's nothing you can do about it. Put it that way."


I think Johnny had a child just to admonish those rumors.. I read the article and on multiple occassions he contradicted hisself... If you have known this person as an awsome friend for all these years how do you not know anything about her???? Things that make you HHHmmmmm

He is such a LIAR!!! If he and Eddie ain't gay or bi then there is not sky LMAO!!! He had the baby yeah probably to distance himself from the gay rumor maybe but I think he just was fucking a chick one of those times and slipped up that was the reason for all the DNA test.

Damn Johhny.....ok.

Somebody's awfully defensive.....GEEZ!

Riiiiight ^^

He's gay.

he doth protest a wee bit too much!

fuck all yall johnny do what you have to do for the baby in my heart i know!!!!!!! your not gay your number one fan

Zoom, I'd like to fly away away from here. Where my mind can be fresh and clear.
Zoom, and I'll find the love that I long to see... where everybody can be what they wanna be...

Johnny can be Johnny.

I just want Johnny to get a record deal. Love to hear that man sing!

JG has been in the public eye for so long that if he were gay someone should've come forward with actual proof by now. I mean how long are these rumors gonna keep going. Hell, if you want to find all the gay people in music just look at most rappers!

All you nay sayers you better leave my Johnny Gill alone. BACK OFF. Johnny gill is not gay so get you some business and keep your comments to yourself. Johnny Gill is all man I know first hand and I'm all woman.

People is truly sad because how cares if JG is gay or straight so if he was gay would that matter what u go stop listening to his music old or new or you go keep judgen him I feel it don't matter if the man is gay straight bi it don't matter in the world today us as people should know how wrong it is to try an judge a person for sexual preference in u trying to go on Johnny being gay because of his dress code or talk or walk then u must not know the 80s or even the 90's an especially the new age look hell if u watched purple rain the movie,or NWA,Gangsta rappers or freestyle rappers or just r&b they dress code tight levi's tight t-shirts long hair,blouses,high hills an make up an these were men wearing this know one judged these men but yet u try an judge one an half of the people probley upset because they still in the closet an can't get out some of u need to think what if your kid or kids wind up gay or u go judge them or still love them an let then live life how many people on here hv done things an they probley will,never tell if the man gay thats his business if straight its his business

Misery loves company. I don't believe he's gay & never have. He's with his woman when he's home or his fam. But I'm sure gathers will be what they are. God sees & knows all. Yes I'm from his same hood in DC. Grow up people ficus on your lives.

If people see two men together,they say they are gay. If they see two women together. They say they are lesbians. Stop judging people. Johnny is a great singer and I love his music.

If people see two men together,they say they are gay. If they see two women together. They say they are lesbians. Stop judging people. Johnny is a great singer and I love his music.

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