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In National News: President Sends 21,500 MORE Troops to Iraq.

As we all know President Bush admitted that his mistakes have caused failures in Iraq, there were not Weapons of Mass Destruction and ultimatly we were there to get "revenge" on Saddam for him trying to hurt his daddy.

Last night Bush addressed the union announcing that he will be sending 21,500 more troops to Iraq, insisting that this new plan "will change America's course in Iraq"

In response to our troops role in Iraq: "Their job will be to go out in the community, to patrol, to do any necessary checkpoints, and to go door-to-door, not to kick the door in, but to talk to the residents and make it clear that they understand that Iraqi forces are now providing security in the country," .


Bush is an asshole...oops, I meant ASSHOLE!!!

He needs to send his daughers and all the people who voted for him. Also those who supoort this war.

That's why I'm not re-enlisting...free at last...

God Bless our troops.

Its really easy for him to send OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN TO DIE.

Go to GOOGLE and enter "Failure" or "Worst President Ever" and click "feeling lucky" and see what comes up.

I hope at some point spirits from some of the 3000 soldiers who have died because of his lies come back to haunt him.

its sad.. and that is a really cute picture..and kinda sad too

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