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Super Bowl Half-Time Show...Prince

What a pretty little man.

The Purple One turned it out! I was in my living room dancing like I was in da club :-)

You know you are the sh*t when you can hold it down with gel on the sides of your hair like dat....


This has got to be one of the best Half Time shows I have seen...

His name is Prince, and he is funk! Yes, I was sining that while typing. He's one sexy mutha f*!

That was a hell of a show! I loved it!

And I was dying when he threw off his little doo-rag, hair scarf!!!

I love it!
Too pretty to be true! HAHA!

Damn I want to see it!

Prince rules. he's a legend. there never has been and there never will be another like him he's genuine to the tee love him

He is the absolute best!!! I don't know anyone as talented as him. And yes he is pretty and sexy, even wearing the scarf with the bow tied in the front and hanging on his forehead. This was definitely the best half time show I have seen in a long time!! That stage was re-dang-diculous!!! He is the all time greatest!! Love him, love him, love him!

now that's one girl that could truly get it in. loved how he wrapped the hair so those tight curls would not get wet. tehehehe

LOL @ Paula D.! But Prince is the best.... when it was raining, i was hoping he wouldnt slip and bust his ass.... but he did the damn thang! That's why he is a legend... You the man Prince!


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