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Add O.J. To The List..

Of men who claim they are Anna Nicole Smith's Babies Daddy.. This is getting out of control, but according to PageSix.

"When the blond bombshell died last month and at least three men claimed to be the father of her baby girl, Dannielynn, the double-murder acquittee "said he was throwing his hat into the ring," Norm Pardo told Page Six. Pardo is the videographer who amassed 70 hours of footage of Simpson from 2000 to 2005. "He said he knew Anna Nicole pretty well, and he said he had slow-moving sperm, and he might be the father."

MORE about The OJ Simpson Case

Why were Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman killed on the night of June 12th 1994? And why that night? For some reason or reasons (which I still don't have a handle on), there was a lot going on that night.

Some backgound. Nicole Simpson "FELL" into a very bad "CROWD", and she got deeper and deeper and deeper................in it. OJ Simpson terrorized Nicole Simpson to the point that Nicole listened to certain people about how to "get back at" OJ Simpson. This is what I can prove This is very general (There is so much detail in-between):

At a family wedding in Mid-November, 1993, my Ex-in-Law, Rocky Bateman (OJ Simpson's regular Limousine driver from approximately August 0f 1993 to June of 1994) and I, were in THE LIMOUSINE. Rocky told me that he had overheard Nicole Simpson and some of her girlfriends the month before, talking, while Rocky Was driving them to LAX in THE LIMO, having a Discussion (Plotting) about stealing as much as OJ Simpson's money as they could. Rocky relayed the info to OJ, and OJ asked Rocky if he knew of anyone who would/could follow Nicole and, according to Rocky, OJ Simpson said: "Find Out who these people were, and, Something had to be done about it." So, in THE LIMO in Mid-November, 1993, Rocky asks me to follow Nicole. I declined. Rocky again asked me at the end of December, 1993, at a place called Ico-Plex here in The San Fernando Valley, to follow Nicole. Again, I declined.

One of the items that was Illegally covered-up by some of The Prosecutions People that I gave LAPD RHD Detective Ronald Y. Ito and some others, were People ("The Hood Gang People") Plotting to steal as much as OJ Simpson's money that they could. I gave Bill Pavelic (one of OJ Simpson's investigators) some of this information in early 1996 Information regarding this Item (The Hood Gang). Whether he passed it on to OJ Simpson? I don't Know. My strong feeling is that he didn't. But later that year, 1996, OJ Simpson, FOR Sure, knew some of what I had done regarding this item.

Nicole Simpson was in TOO DEEP........She was going to go to law enforcement to expose several situations and many people. OJ Simpson and other's had to stop her, and she was murdered.

Who helped "Clean-up?" Well, one person is/was Anthony Pellicano. There were others.

This is what I can prove. In the past, I have corresponded with many, many people who were/are connected to The OJ Simpson Case in whatever way. In early 1996, I was in Daniel Petrocelli's office (Fred Goldman's Attorney). In January of 1995, I was in The Los Angeles District Attorney's office. I spoke with people from Johnnie Cochran's office. I spoke several times with Phil Baker (one of OJ Simpson's civil trial attorney's). I spoke with MANY, MANY media people. I met face-to-face with Joseph Bosco twice. I met with Tony Frost (Tabloid guy). There are so many, many more media people I have corresponded with. My list is LONG............REAL LONG.........................

One item I will always wonder to myself about, is when I had the Tabloid TV show Inside Edition (Eric Ritter) all ready to Investigate Rocky Bateman with me, and, if I wouldn't have Canceled on them, would the Verdict have been Guilty in The Criminal Trial, or a Mis-trial? or a hung jury?

Another Item:

Allan Park, who so many people in this case said was so good and clean, testified on the witness stand that he thinks he was asked by Dale St. John on Saturday evening June 11th, 1994, to take OJ Simpson to The Airport the Night of June 12th, 1994. But yet, on the Witness Stand on another day, Park testifies that St. John asked Him on Sunday morning June 12th, 1994, to take OJ Simpson to the Airport that Night. Now, Rocky Bateman tells Me that He told Dale St. John on Sunday afternoon June 12th, 1994 that He couldn't take OJ Simpson to The Airport that night, because he was going to take his daughters camping. Dale St. John's Limo, that Rocky had in His Possession A LOT of the time, was brought back to St. John that very afternoon June 12th, 1994. Now How could Dale St. John ask Allan Park to Drive OJ Simpson to the Airport (Sunday Night June 12th, 1994) either on Sunday Morning June 12th, 1994, or Saturday evening, June 11th, 1994, if he (St. John) didn't find out until the afternoon of June 12th, 1994, that Rocky was not going to Drive OJ Simpson to the Airport that Sunday Night June 12th, 1994. HOW CAN THIS BE? WELL, It CAN'T---SOMETHINGS WRONG, BIG TIME. I can get into this another time. It's complex.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with me. I GOT LOT'S...................................And I mean LOT'S.........................
It will take me a very long time to give detail's to situation's that I have been involved in, in The OJ Simpson Case. I just may have David N. Scott write a book, and Luke Y. Thompson direct my movie. And if anyone thinks I'm not serious, I AM VERY SERIOUS..............

The OJ Simpson Case








The OJ Simpson Case

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