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Beyonce Pictures/Videos Overload.

So my girl B World Premiered not 1 but 2 video's yesterday. One video with Shakira called "Beautiful Liar" and the hottest track on her DeJa Vu Album "Upgrade You" with Jay-Z.. Beyonce is tryna take over the Pop and R&B charts, I ain't hatin.

Now in Upgrade You, notice how she's stroking her dookie braid like it's a one of those raccoon dogs.

ALSO, Beyonce set the record straight on the rumors of her and Jay breaking up

"Jay doesn't attend every event with me, there's no need for us to be connected at the waist all the time"

[Beyonce arriving at 106&Park]

[Beyonce on TRL]


It's refreshing to see her come sort of correct in her video game, so I'm feeling both videos. BUT, that dooky braid in Upgrade went right over my head.

She needs to give Tina back her WIG!

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