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I Love New York's "Chance and Son"

So it's down to the final 4. Tango, Chance, Real and Whiteboy. Yesterday 12 pack was eliminated and upon elimination the fruit went on to say : "I"m going to go home and bang the shit out of my ex-girlfriend" and by girlfriend he meant Pico, his Mexican immigrant gardener.

Anywho while browsing ONTD I found a few pictures of Chance and his son.
Pic source: ONTD via YBF

i still think he's a tad bit zesty. his son is a cutie, though.

Chance son is cute..

People still watch I LOVE NEW YORK..??? LOL!

AWWW he is a cutie

his son looks like a miniature (sp) Jeezy but cuter ;)

I watched the show last night and I wanted to run by and punch that beat up faced tramp in the stomach
she is so stupid and crunchy lookin and you can tell she ain't never had nothin so chance is better off without her and his son is a little sexy daddy too!!!!
I knew he made some beautiful kids...

I just love me some CHANCE! I think he is fine as hell and I just love that gap baby. Like father like son, those handsome genes are definitely hereditary.

Chance u is so damn fine!!!!!!! whoa! ur son is so damn cute!!!!

chance u is so fine i see where your son get it from

i'm glad that new york didn't pick chance so he can be mine. chance and his son are so fine.

Chance is a major hottie, good thing she didnt pick him. Cuz Im 4 sho thousands of other hot chicks would like to have him. Chance your son looks like a sweetheart,
and Chance, stay away from crazy women like New York. You deserve a real woman, not a New York.

Chance is so sexy. New York stupid as hell cuz I would have took his sexy ass home with me and did some freaky thangs to him. His son is adorable too. I wouldnt give a fuck how gangsta Chance is and how much my momma couldnt stand him I wouldve married Chance. Chance I hope you still looking boo I'm available.

Hi Chance, just wanted to say how I missed seeing you on t.v, not only that I pray and hope I could see you someday in person. I'd like to say what a handsome son you have, he is so cute.... like father, like son as we say. How you doin?? Fine I hope and hope you have time to read this, that's all I have to say right now, may God continue to bless and keep you!! Love u babe!!

HEy ChANCE... 0MG UR S0N iS tEW kUtE.....likE fAtHER likE S0N!!!

Hey chance you r so sexy come back to the show on I love New York!!!Your son is so cute!

hey chance you are a major hottie! If I was New York I would have picked you because you are so sexy and you could come and pick me up or I could come and see you in New York. Oh! I forgot to tell you I like your band I love You Bye

chance's son is so cute

Hey chance. Just wanted to say THANK GOD New York didnt choose you! you are still in the market. Hope some day i get to meet u in person. I see were your son gets his good looks, he is cute!!!

i just wnted 2 let u kno i love ur sexy ass u look so dam good

hey chance i just want to say that you are so SEXY!!!!!! you have a great body and i dont know y dat bitch newyork didnt choose you. your son is cute to!!!!!!!

chance son is so cute

ur son is soo fuckin cutie soo are u tho this ayana i watch ur show last night tho man u should of beat tangoes ass man his name is tango and he can't fuckin tango i love ur son tho much love

hey chance your son is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute you have a wonderful christmas

love ....

ahh he's lil chance Lol............

Oh my hel i get so horny lookin at him hes way S E X Y!!!!!!

his son is standing here with we right know im his friend his son is NICE AND SMART

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