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An Alcoholic Has An Alcoholic Party

WTF! Case in point, when your an "it" girl" in young Hollywood, you can do whatever the f*ck you want. According to the NY Daily "Alcoholics Anonymous member Lindsay Lohan has lined up Svedka vodka to sponsor her 21st birthday blowout in Las Vegas." Are You sh*tting me! That's like telling Bobby Brown to stop smoking, but you throw him a Dave Chapelle "All Crack" party. That's like hiring Fantasia a stylist, but giving her a shopping spree at your local Goodwill store..(come on you know Fanny be dressing off sometimes)...NEways, the point is, this party defeats the whole purpose of "rehab". I'm starting to believe Wendy Williams now. "Rehab" is just another word for vacation in Hollywood


Just browsing the net, very interesting.

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