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Beyonce A Little Bloated?

As much as this girl runs and crawls around the stage you'd think she'd be a little more fit. But I love me some B so I'll still punch anyone in their throat who talks bad about her.

Beyonce is a naturally "thick" chick so she always needs to think about what she eats or else it's very easy for her to put on a few pounds. She's also a huge star, she's in the public eye all the time and we all know that in "Hollywood" if you're not skinny then you're considered fat. Anyway Bee looks great and healthy

That's the first time I've EVER seen her in some flats...Shit she wears heels so damn much her feet probably hurt when she wears anything less than 2 inches high!

she´s the best ...

ya'll just has pics of her in a bikini..get a life!

he is always walking ahead of her. i can't wait for her to go away.

Her knees are really fat. I agree juiicy you would atleast think she would have muscle tone. She still looks very good.

i told you guys. one false move and shes a BLIMP BLIMP UMPHA LUMPA!either she's fat or she's pregnant

she gained all that weight she lost for dreamgirls back.... and more. B needs to watch it, she's going to be big as a house when she pops out her first child.

Yall call that fat? And whomever made the comment about her knees being fat should get a life. Her bloat could it be that she is actually human and gets period bloan like female does. Come on now cut her some slack. I am not a fan cause she's with my baby daddy Jay-Z but damn yall. Fat knees. B-4 real. Trust and beleive 9 out of 10 dudes would do her fat knees and all. LOL

Is she wet? I don't get this look at all. I love me some Bey too, but I need her to do better.

She's still human. Maybe you caught her on her laid back day!!! I like Bey and she's doing her thang!!!

I wouldn't have ever looked at these pics and saw her as "bloated."

What I WOULD have seen is that huge mess of a wig perched up on top of that bubble head! THAT'S something that she can afford to fix, and should.

She's no skinny mama, and she's happy that way. I do see the possibility of her "blowing up" after her first baby, though. She's def "borderline".

But, a borderline that 99.9% of men on earth would take any day.

She could use a headband or something.. Her hair game is quite suspect in that shot.

She looks thin to me"But That Damm Lace Frontwing is a mess.She should have worn a head band on that mess she looks like her perm went "POOF"

She always look fat with her big ass. And what's up with that pet on her damn head.

FIrst of all the comment about he is always walking ahead of her, that is just old school in NY. That is how alot of OG's do it. And any female dealing with a ballin old school dude knows what it is....what it is. Shit you have to even walk on a certain side of the sidewalk., with them its about protection. The average HOOD dude may have some beef and if they are walking the street with their ladr, they have to be able to take what ever comes, so their lady isnt harmed. They will catch any problems before you. Thats the motto. She fucks with HOV, of course she is on some NY shit. and furthermore even with out the wigs and weave(and by the way at least she really HAS hair) she is beautiful, black and beautiful.. Fucking HATERS!!!.. but how would we all stay in check w/o yall....

i like bey and all but she getting alittle to comf. with da chessburgers and s..t and she know she could try some normal hair dues.

every gemale virgo i know were they hair f...ed up.
all u h..s need 2 do beeter

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