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Chili in XXL Magazine

She's still a banger at the age of 36. Chilli also talks about her new man, TJ Holmes, a CNN News Anchor!! Previously she was linked to Jaime Foxx, but that was just a rumor. Scroll down to see the magazine that posted the false information.

[picture courtesy of Urban-Hoopla.com]

she can get it all week

Smells a little like desperation.. the anchor is married and er'body knows that Jamie Foxx ain't hardly about to commit to someone...can she at least TRY to get her own thang going before she start blasting about "hooking" up with famous folks!?!?


36? oh shit i am feeling VERY old right now i remember when TLC first came out an they where little girls I FEEL SO OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mannnn..Leave Chilli alone if she wants to shout out her man..let her be...36 is not old....Half of ya'll mutha plucka's wish u could look like that at her age...plus don't forget...(Chilli verse on baby baby baby)...
Long as u know that I can have any man i want to...Baby that's actual and factual>>LMAO...She's far from being desperate..lol

Chili will always be beautiful. who said 36 is old, this girl doesn't look over 22. listen give respect where it's do. TLC put geogia on the map in regards to Hip Hop music. TLC open alot of doors for female artist out here today. Trust me, if TLC was still together as a group there wouldn't be no Beyonce or Destiny Childs. Cuz baby please TLC had the industry on Lock. STOP hating on this lovely young lady, everybody knows she is HOT as a Chili pepper.
Honey child please, don't get me started...

Chili is fly and classy. Does anyone knows when her project will be releasing. I miss real entertainment. Chili is a real entertainer, I love to watch her dance. Chili is a beautiful babe.

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