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Oh Shit.

50 Cent covers the July issue of VIBE magazine. The caption reads "Who's Afraid of 50?" I tell you who's afraid of 50.. Baby Jesus and the whole heaven faculty, thats who.

This is a horrible picture. He shouldn't have let this come to print. He lost 30 pounds so he looks skinnier.

Right about now who cares about what the picture looks like, he's 400 million dollars richer but i've seen better pics of him though

oh shit indeed. This picture needs to be stricken from his record.

Thanks, now I'll have nightmares for 3 weeks.

That's OUM! (one ugly man)

Thanks, now I'll have nightmares for 3 weeks.

That's OUM! (one ugly man)

It looks like he smelt what someone else musta dealt.
All I see is turd written all ova his pic.

He looks like a dope fiend...not a good look!

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