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Whats Beef: The Knowles Edition, Keeping It N The Family

Word is Beyonce is pissed that Mr. Matthew announced that Solange will become the head of his record label/management company when he steps down. Beyonce is salty mainly becasue Solo has no business experience and Beyonce is"Making It Rain" as of late. BUT word is, the reason why Mr. Matthew left Solo as the next president instead of Bey, she's going out with Jigga man....Remember when it was annouce that Jay & Bey were a couple and Daddy Knowles didn't approve of the relationship, well this is a way to get back at Bey for not being daddy's little girl. NEways this major move with Solo may have help motivated Bey to join Jay Def Jam. Maybe that's why Bey & Jay left Kelly Rowlands performance before she even got on stage....Bey had to think about her next move....NEways, with these details leaking to the press, does the rumor of Bey leaving Sony for Jay-Z sound off to you now? Speak on it


Bey aint no fool!!! If she lets Jay take over her career, it'll be OVER!!!!!!!!

Jay can do for Beyonce what he did for Rihanna

LOL.Beyonce' ain't no fool but she has everybody else fooled though.

best thing for her is to find another record company or negoate for better contract.That's the best way to screw up youre career

Calling yourself getting back at "DADDY" not going to do nuthin to him

the whole thing sounds made up

If he does for Beyonce what he did for Rihanna, then it will be a downgrade. Because, Rihanna can not touch Beyonce in terms of record sales, ticket sales, a cold hard cash.

Who knows...ten years from now, Solange will know how to handle business. If she is going to take over the company, then her daddy will be grooming her (in a business sense) from head to toe. He will not leave his company in the hands of someone that will bankrupt it. I wants to keep getting dough.

As i'm typing this Rihanna has the number one Single in the country. So her career has definately upgraded. Beyonce's album was a joke,she got overshadowed in Dreamgirls by Jennifer Hudson and nobody i know will pay 2cents to see her in concert. She knows her career has stalled and younger and prettier singer/dancers (Rihanna & Ciara) are hot on her heels. But all that was for Free. I personally feel Def Jam aint big enough for Mariah and Beyonce,so why would she leave the frying pan and step into that catfight fire?

Well quite frankly I feel that everyone has their time in the spotlight and when you are a true vocalist you last a lot longer...I classify Beyonce as a strong performer nothing more with a cute face so with all of this being said she needs to keep getting while the getting is good her STARALOGICAL clock is ticking!

Beyonce has everything, from Oscar nomination to dominating the music industry for almost a decade, including Destiny's Child. I am wondering if this is true, I heard her and Solange were close anyway. I will believe it when I see more write ups on it.


beey stupid anyway i dont care 4 her she aint nothin but somebody who thinks they can b evertthing take over everthing and always b 1 that aint fair at all i agree with her father about what he did

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