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Timbaland's Roid Rage...Diddy Style

It was released early this morning that rapper Timbaland was sent to jail after a bar fight.

According to inside sources a guy, who we shall call Gilbert, caught Timberland macking on his girlfriend inside the bar. So Gilly came up to Timb to address the situation. Soon after, Tim and Gil started to argue in which Tim just turned around and walked outside. Gilbert followed Tim outside and got his ass JUMPED by Timbo and his entourage, sending poor Gilly to the hospital with minor bruises.

Timb was only held for an hour and was soon released.]
Update: Seems like "Gilbert" called Timbo the "N" word which made him go banana's... continue reading


Well I heard that "Gilbert" called Tim out his name (u know the n word) and thats why he got dropped like he was hot...

Why is the n word so offensive? Blacks use it everyday?! I just don't understand and I'm black. :(

It's like a secret fraternity, you can't use the word unless you're in that fraternity...

Stoopid a**!!!! No White person can EVER,EVER call a Black man out his name(the n word) with out being in serious jepordy of getting dropped
like he was on the other end of an ALI hay maker!!!! Word!!
You should to do some research on AMERICAN HISTORY!
In the 16th century, We didn't land on Plymouth rock...Plymouth landed on US!- No you don't get no FREE PASS!

Serves him right for hanging around with nigger animals.
Stupid bastard.

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