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Today is the Day

... That Melanie B takes Eddie to court over the paternity of Melanie B's daughter.

Eddie murphy is a color predjudice racist son of a bitch. if mel where a white girl or a light skinned women he would not be treating her like this. this is just atypical of most black men. and also, EDDIE IS FRIGGIN GAY!


I wish them the best of luck.... I believe that baby is Eddie's, but we shall see

Good luck, I've never been attracted to Eddie M. but he looks fabulous in these pictures.

I'll laugh that Eddie aint the daddy. She has been pointing fingers at him for the longest and so has the tabloids. No one was there when they had sex. Stop co-signing with Mel B. She was a jump off!!!!

Is that what she wore to court?

Eddie is that babies daddy. He even knows it. Happy Fathers Day bastard


How can Eddie Murphy be color prejudice when he's dating a black a now..

I do not think she is crazy or dumb, with DNA what dummy would lie about that. She may love publicity but I do not think she would want to go down as the woman who lied about him being her babies daddy. So get ready to pay yo child support. cha-ching
message to Eddie-WRAP IT UP


God bless this child. I pray that Eddie will do the right thing if this is his child.

can't wait to see these 2 niggers on maury povichs' "who be dah baby daddy? shows

Even in that expensive suit he still just looks like another dumb nigger.

I dont know who the fuck you are calling blacks the n word. but i do know one thing if I knew or if you said that to some bodys face yo ass would be either fucked up or dead you old dirty trailer park trash muthafucka.

you could also kiss every bodys black ass and suck every bodys black dick bitch ass muthafucka.

you say that all black people are on the maury show but all trailer park trash such as u be on the jerry springer show

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