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Keke Wyatt: My Mom Used To Call Us N****s.

Remember KeKe Wyatt, the girl who went plum crazy and stabbed her cheating husband in the throat then went to jail for a few years. Well she's back and stirring up controversy. She recently sat with Essence magazine and had the nerve to tell the editors that her white mother use to call her "Nigga", she went on to say that her momma called her the N word so much that she use to think her name was "Nigga". She defends her mother by saying it wasn't racist because her mother said Nigga versus Nigger. There's a difference of course!

She also went and and took a stab *no pun intended* at Beyonce's looks and vocal skills by saying:

“If you notice, I’m yellow. My natural hair is the color she dyes her hair. I have the little waist with the big booty. It’s all the same thing but I sing better, so it was their loss. Say I don’t sing better than Beyonce?“

Feisty lil mulatto isn't she!

Click here to read the rest of her interview with Essence.

I'm sure she does sing better than Bey but um wow....she has beyonceitis HARD

^^ Have you been living under a rock. Beyonce and Out-sing and out perform half of these broads out here!!!

she sounds like a fool with that n-word mess.

I find it hard to believe that a white woman would walk around the house calling her children "nigga's"...unbelievable.

She's a nobody!!!!!!! When was the last u heard her sing?? Exactly. Years ago. She has no right to talk about Bey like that.

Drop some knowledge
•"Never argue with an idiot, they'll just bring you down to their level and beat you with experience" by METALICAMARORS

Who is she?

This mulatto chick is no joke. I like her attitude.

So she's saying she's a natural blonde? Sounds like she needs therapy.

Keli, same thing I said.

What ever happened to her husband?

He's dating white women now.

Plain ans simple...she's a loser.

General speaking here, mix people always claimin they are better than full blooded African Americans... This lil criminal has a lot of nerve thinkin she is better than Beyonce. How about selling some records and then say it... lol. And she is so ignorant making that N word comment. Back to her musical talent comment lol... I could see if she was Mariah Carey and she said she had juzt as much or more talent then Beyonce',but damn she is a NOBODY!

'full blooded African-American' is a misnomer. Most, if not all, African-Americans are of mixed ancestry. Yes, even those with dark skin and kinky hair.

That person means Your full-blooded African American when you have two African American parents. Stop talking about this mixed up stuff (Last Anonymous writer) ...ew.

Anyway, who said she thinks she's better than Beyonce...she just thinks she can sing better than her, which she can.

I am mixed.Black,MiddleEastern, & White. And she makes me sad to think she believes she is better than anyone else whose skin is darker.Disguisting. God made us just the way we are suppose to be regardless how light, how dark, what percentage of Black, Indian, Latino,Asian... White, the list goes on... we have inside us all. She needs to look in the mirror and get over her self-righteous self and stop putting others down to make herself look better.

Keke wyatt is an awesome singer. I will give her that, but she needs to humble herself and let her talent speak for itself.


She said that she is not black. and that she feels sorry for us.

KeKe Wyatts voice has a quality to it, versus the nasally sound that Bey brings. I like Bey, but KeKe will sing circles around her. Keke doesn't need a gimmick, she has a voice. Don't trip and please don't sleep. They are equally beautiful.
On the N-word deal, yo moms is dead ass wrong. We don't do that, especially to children. Black or White.

This chick looks like a long head man. And I am very sure she is not a natural blonde and that is not all her hair.

First of all lets pray for this sister.........Ok,she needs help forreal if she really think she sound better than my girl B. I don't believe she went platinum nor gold or has the talent like B. And she is truly convinced that she sound better than her. She shouldn't put herself in the category with B.(she can't). B is the best your gonna get. And she is not it......LOL! Girlie get a grip.

Come on now Keke had ya not stabbed ya cheating ass husband then you would have been big like Bey .hell you was about to blow up you fugged that up don't hate ya could have been with a jay z of ya own.

I have read the article and I have yet to see where she talked about Beyonce in a negative manner; however, I can't get over how ignorant this woman sounds especially w/ regards to the N word. Obviously, she has not heard about the 1 percent rule - don't care how straight your hair is or how light your skin is, Sweetie you're BLACK!! She had the nerve to say she decided to "make her kids black - she could have married a white guy" PITIFUL !!!

Ke Ke sound a little ignorant here, sounds like she started her life at a early age but that she has a lot of growing up to do , and she never mentions how many kids she has she must have tribe called Quest! She really needs to grow up and ge it together seriously!


i personally htink keke can sing beyonce out of house and home but like another poster said she needs to let her talent speak for itself she too arogant but she is a good singer no my bad SANGA BEY IS A GREAT SINGER

yeah she can sing but if u know u good y most u bring someone else in it Beyonce can sing, dance, and perform all at the same time I dont know woman out there that can do all three together and plus she nuts she stabbing people I wouldnt by her album get it together Keke

1-Keke Wyatt has an amazing voice.
2- She stabbed her husband because he cheated on her-I'm not saying this is right, but it's not like she decided out of no where to just stab him, she was obviously hurt, and didn't know how else to take out her anger; and usually when something like this happens to people they're not thinking.
3- she never made comments saying beyonce was ugly or anything, she said that they have similarities but yes she's saying she's better in the sence that her hair has a natural yellow to it- which could be true since her mother's white. but still it gave her no right to make a low blow. And about her singing better then Beyonce, they have two differen't types of vocals, and it depends on what people prefer, some will say Keke and some will say Beyonce. I think they both have amazing voices.
and 4- what her mother use to call her was wrong, but if that was the only thing her mother said to her that was negative- and apparently Keke says it wasn't because her mother was trying to be rude to her and her siblings, it was just the way her mother was brought up ( with her black step father and his family)- so if her mother was an amazing mother other then that comment, of course she's going to stick up for her mom! She obviously loves her mother.
- everyone should just let it be, Keke probably regrets what she said in the interviews, because she probably got enough hate mail, and had alot of doors closed (potential opportunities- singing jobs etc...), because of those comments she made. what's done is done, what's said is said- maybe one day she'll apologize.

Wow! First of all ya not even close to beyonce pleeze you can't even touch rihanna not to mention your crazy for stabbing your husband soo not normal but pump ya self up now but there are many girls who are undiscovered who can outdo you any day, and I don't know who you mother but it seems as though she lowered your confidence in all aspects n***a plzzz you almost commited murder do us all a favor and don't skip your therapy sessions.>

I think that Keke is an very telented singer and tha most underrated singer that there is in tha game. She can singer better and looks better tha "that other chick"!!! People need to stop hating on her and let her be her. Whatever her mother called her and her brother is their family business there is no need for anyone to get on her for what HER MOTHER called her white or black. There is many white folks that call most black people nigga and you dont think about it. But so much love to Keke....I love you gurl!! Fuck your haters and make them keep hating doing what your doing!

First of all KeKe Wyatt never served any jail time the charges were dropped. Her husband was beating on her and using drugs(rumor about the drugs) or he could've been selling them. The whole essence interview was blown out of proportion and she likes Beyonce she was not talking bad about her. KeKe used to be an early version of Destiny's child Gyrl's Time but she chose to be solo. KeKe Wyatt can sing better you dont know how many times i see read and hear that KeKe sings better than Bey both I like them both. Lastly everyone you already knoe the media makes things worse then they are quit believing everything you read. Her new album comes out Feb 23. 2010 titled Who Knew? Her new single is Who Knew? here's the link http://lnk.ms/3SVQZ and youtube video http://lnk.ms/4tst9 Let the music speak for itself

keke wyatt cant sign better than beyonce shes crazy and far as look beyonce looks batter than her and sign batter.better watch baby blue you could be next one she stabb.

The woman can sing but b/c you haven't heard real talent when you do hear it you don't recognize it.And don't get me wrong Beyonce' can sing she do have a good voice but its not that great she is So Overrated to its ridiculous.I'm not hating but I'm all for telling the truth.Keke may have went to far with the whole my mother called us a N**** thing okay a mistake , but people she's human like the rest of us we speak sometime before thinking.She said that comment before actually analyzing it and saying it. Her situation with her husband is no different than the whole Chris Brown & Rihanna thing something that's going to haunt her for the rest of her life, but guess what people its over and done with.

Hey, she can sing. I like what she did with Patti Labelle's "If Only You Knew." I also like the way she licks the lollipop here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sL0UJQzulg

I Know miss ke-ke from her days in Naptown(indpls). Her and her mother used to work for a franchise of Churche's Chicken that was once owned by a friend of her family(i won't name anyone,unless she ever denies it)and at the time her father was working as a mechanic at indpls international airport. I know this because i used to give her and her mother Lorna wyatt a ride home most nights (a friend of mine also worked there).I was also around at the time when her demo tape was being shipped to LA to Mr. Kenneth ''Babyface'' Edmonds himself.Yes,she can sing but she is not as squeaky clean as she is pretenting to be!!!

Does Treal,buzz,nate,james long or hanging out in the store's shed out back ring a bell? I'm sure it does!!! I'm sure your mom knows all about it! From an old friend from naptown.

I Know miss ke-ke from her days in Naptown(indpls). Her and her mother used to work for a franchise of Churche's Chicken that was once owned by a friend of her family(i won't name anyone,unless she ever denies it)and at the time her father was working as a mechanic at indpls international airport. I know this because i used to give her and her mother Lorna wyatt a ride home most nights (a friend of mine also worked there).I was also around at the time when her demo tape was being shipped to LA to Mr. Kenneth ''Babyface'' Edmonds himself.Yes,she can sing but she is not as squeaky clean as she is pretenting to be!!!

wooooww, this chick is sick...but u know what,shes not the first mixed or red bone to feel the way she do. it all goes back to who is raising u as a child. but as for that beyonce comment..momma please....there really isnt no competition when it comes to my girl B...u dont and never will have any thing on beyonce realistically!!

oh helllll nah, i just read an article stating that keke wyatt is only 28 years old...aint no way in hell. she looked like she was about 28 when she did that song with avant back in 98' 99'. i know she gotta be lying about her age cause she looks no where near 28 years old..damn keke, just keep it real bout yours..lmaoooo thats sad as hell!!

She was only 18 when she did those songs with Avant. And she was bigger. I thought she was older too but the point is who gives a shit? Everyone on here is complaining about this or that but the fact of the matter is we all have our own opinions and we're entitled to them. Personally I agree with the person who said both singers have diiferent styles. I think Keke can sing better but that doesn't mean Beyonce can't blow. I might be biased cause I'm tired of Beyonce and her man's ego. But what celebrity doesn't think they're the shit. I think in order to make it in the biz u have to tell yourself and everyone else that your the best. Talent is talent and it will speak for itself. As far as her mother goes it's hard for some people to admit when someone they love is wrong. U learn what u live. If her mom grew up around black people I can understand why she thinks its ok to say nigga even though it's not. She should have let them watch roots though. Hiding that shit would only make me resent her. There is no hiding how fuc*** up white people have been and sometimes still are.


Check her background . She went PLATINUM. And no i'm mixed ,all mixed people don't think we better then full blooded African Americans . She was just stating the facts. Both are good singers but KeKe has alot more soul then Beyonce does . I can see why she thinks she the better singer .

When keke finish beyonce sounds better and looks better.who cares.coming from some one who you to date diamond from pretty ricky hoe sit dowm


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Keke can sing better than beyonce. Her mom was raised by black people who treated her like family so if course she is going to say the n word. Keke was saying that Beyonce is overrated because of the way she looks and Keke is the same way but she us all natural. She stabbed her husband who used to beat her down and after years of abuse you would snap too. Get of her case and read in between the lines.

^and your telling it like it is..these people don't do nothing but try and follow beyonce like she know them personally...she don't give a fuck about y'all...the only thing she need from y'all is to buy her CD....y'all some fools

She stabbed her husband because he was chocking her over the sink and that was the nearest thing to her her baby was in the other room crying at the time

You a bitch trill shit...bitch ass probably cant even sing...you ass kisser


I love u tellin it like it is @ Anonymous 1 & 2!!

Smh, keke on TV. Beyonce can't sing nearly as good as KEKE.

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