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Sean Kingston Set To Play B.I.G in Biopic

A few weeks ago I had posted that there were open auditions searching for that certain someone to be casted as the Notorios B.I.G in a future Biopic film about his life.

As of now media outlets are reporting that the spot has been filled by the very annoying Sean Kingston, the crooner of the super duper annoying song, 'Beautiful Girls'.

According to MTV.uk Kingston will fill the late rappers shoes in an as-yet-untitled film being produced by Sean Diddy Combs and directed by George Tillman.

"When I first heard about that movie, it was through management, Kingston said. My management told me about it and you know I had auditioned for it and I met with the director and I nailed it and he gave me a shot now at being in the movie."

I just don't understand this boy. He talks like he's from Brooklyn, sings like he's from Jamaica, and reps Miami. Shit I forget who I'm listening to half of the time.

Am I the only one who finds this boy to look feminem in the face?

What happened to that guy named gorrilla (?) or something who sounded JUST like biggie ? He would have been MUCH better canidate .

I read that the Gorilla? person couldn't play a young Biggie..just the older one...whereas they can change Kingston into an older Biggie...

Soooo... True. That song is annoying

Yeah, I can kinda see the resemblance and why they would pick him. Although I had no idea he could act.

It's his eyebrows that makes him look feminine. He plucks his eyebrows.

I heard that the production company said this story is a fabrication. He would be a perfect match for B.I.G

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