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Tango & Mr. Boston's Own Reality Show.

Tango and Mr.Boston from "I Love NY" will star in their own reality tv series.

In a recent intervew with AOL Tango was quoted as saying: Our project is going to focus on our relationship; me being more urban and I guess a lot of people say a cooler type of person and you have the total opposite in him,”

On another note, remember at the end of the show reunion show when Tango dissed NY and walked off the stage and NY proceeded to tell the world that Tango had a small peen?? Well this just might be true. Porn star Heather Hunter confirmed that Tango was a big man with a small package.....

Is it just me or is Tango highly ugly??? Ummm...so yeah.

this old crater faced dude. badly built body having... i'm sick of all the reality shows.

Why would VH-1 sink so low and make a show about these ABSOLUTE NOBODYS!! I mean, it was bad enough having a spin off from another spin off multiple times
(Surreal Life --> Strange Love --> Flavor of Love --> I Luv New York).. why would this foolishness extend to those two dopes who don't have any looks, talents, personality?!?! The reality genre is sooo over..

I think Tango is sexy. I can't wait to see this show.

He has a Kroeger face and I bet he has bad Kroeger breath.

Kroeger--More than Ugly or More than Nasty or More than Stank or More than wack
example: "She has a KROEGER face" or "He got KROEGER breath" or "They look like a Kroeger" or "She got a Kroeger voice" "That video was KROEGER"

This has been a public service announcement...Tee-hee

ummmmmmmm really when does the madness stop?!!!?!?!??!

chance should have received his own show, he is the business and so entertaining

tango totally looks like a ninja turtle

Well if NY thought Tango had a small peen then why did she pick him. Beotch lying! I would not purposefully pick a little peen man. And HH. That beotch prolly had horse d!*K up her ass so anybody is small to her even though I think her ass is lying 2.

It can't really have success, I feel so.
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