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It's Cheetah Time

I swear I can recite the "Cheetah Girls" Disney movie line for line. For those of you who don't know ya'll are definatly sleeping on the Cheetah Girls.

"The Cheetah Girls 2" amassed more than 7.82 million total viewers Friday -- more than any program on TV that day. Cheetah Girls 2 even outdrew the debut of Disney's popular "High School Musical," which brought in 7.7 million viewers in January. Not only is it the highest-rated original movie ever on the network (in total viewers), Cheetah Girls 2 also propelled The Disney Channel to its most-watched total day and primetime ever in total viewers."

They also scored their first Top 10 debuting album with the soundtrack, debuting at number 5 with 87,000 copies sold, that means these girls beat out Paris Hiltons cd which only sold 75,000 copies. Kudo's to Raven Baxter and those other chicks :) Yeah I'm bias.
Bringing Heat

Man I hate this little movie...but my neices like it. I think I am on Cheetah Girls 1 and 2 overload.

Cheetah Girls pulled in 7 million CHILD viewers you say? Ahhh, figures. ;)

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