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Weekly Vent...

Dear High School Bastard Kids Going To Lunch

Dear H.S.B.K.G.T.L,

Lets start this off by saying, I hate you all. I hate you all with a passion that you'll never be able to understand. I hate you and your big ass wide-legged jeans, I even hate your lil fat girlfriend with the "Hello Kitty" baby tee that is 4 sizes too small.

Now I take lunch everyday at 11. I think there are outside forces working against me because the little High School freaks of nature has their lunch at the exact same time.

I'm mad that you bastards want to all go to McDonalds during your lunch. That's MY SPOT. I'm a baller on a budget baby, I can't afford Arbys and Taco Bell gives me the runs from hell. And what's up with you nerds taking like 5 hours to order? I'm on a time limit you lil twats. Nothing is funny about "Shannon" saying "Can I please have a big WAC". Next time I hear her say that and someone laughs I'm popping each of you losers with rubberbands.

You all better hope I don't see you Monday flocking to MY McDonalds because I'ma run you over.. all of yous. Sorry but you all have brought me to this point.

Love, Juiicy

Last Weeks Vent

You don't have a Wendy's near by? But then again, it would be the same thing. Yeah, teenagers in groups are the most annyong beings on earth.

I love your vents Juiicy

I would be nothing without my juice in the morning...


Keep it Sane & Cute...



Yes juicy I agree that teanagers are like any other roach or insect infestation. I think SAT and IQ test should be mandated to be taken in an electric chair. That way if u score to low they just electricute u and keep u from reproducing more generations of idiots! I think u should have an option of taking a common sence version of the survival test. This way u can have achance if ur smart enough to survive. THE PROBLEM ISN'T TEENAGERS ITS THE IDIOTS THAT RAISE THEM. Oh and by the way... Nachos give u the runs, taco bell gives u the runs... I think u must be mexican food intollerant, its not uncommon I've seen it b4.

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