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Akon and 3 Wives Get New Reality Show...

First Bobby Brown, now Akon. Talks about a Akon reality television show are in the works, what makes this show different from any other reality show is that Akon will be starring with his 3 wives. Yeah I said it, 3 WIVES. Akon, who is originally from Senegal Africa, is a practicing polygamist. Akon recently was quoted as saying: "I'm a polygamist. I can afford to have as many wives as I can afford to have. All Africans believe in it. My dad has four wives."

The show, which is currently in pre-production, is set to feature all three of Akon's wives - living under one roof. Tension is set to occur due to the fact that only one of his wives are from Africa, the other 2 are American.

Aside from this being every mans worse nightmare doesn't this African American (because I refuse to use the "N" word) know that this ish is ILLEGAL in America, keep playin Akon and your really going to find yourself "locked up".



man this nigga scares me


Akon should have been locked up when he sexy danced with a fourteen year old in Trinidad. Or when he chucked a fifteen year old off stage. And now this! He truly belongs in jail. He already served like, five years for drug dealing. He ruined people's lives and earned money doing it. He should be in the slammer for twenty-five years. Celebrities like him and Paris Hilton think they're above the law. They aren't. I think his wives should be jailed as well because they (probably) agreed to marry him.

i think its a great idea, Akon isnt looking for trouble. All these romours getting spreaded. Akon a great father,husband and man. he's a great artist, people love his music. The reality show will be great for all akons fan to get to see what akon's life is really like.

Sounds like the HBO show "Big Love" with black people. I'm really blown that Akon said that all African people believe in polygamy. My boyfriend and his family are from Ghana and they DO NOT believe in plural marriage. Neither do my friends from Nigeria.

So STFU and stop generalizing Akon.

Wow that is something.Hum.. I like Akon music. I think it will be interesting show for the fact I never heard of that stuff before "Big Love". I didn't think people do things like that. Now as for the whole 14 year old Get of that man. That little girl sould have be in home wishing she was there.But that didn't happen.She was there and He had know idea she was underage.He treated her like the rest of the "Women" there.I don't like what rapper do.But that is what goes down in that kind of concert. Just like RocknRoll woman put themselves there NOT him. And I'm a woman writing this post.The Question should be "Where were her parents and how did they NOT notices she was gone.

Bad Parents= Tossed Daughter
However I hate that she had to learn the hard way.

and before anybody jump on my comment. I know I made a mistake on the spelling with "of" for "off that man". and also the "know" for NO.

fuk d alotta u pussies. who da fuck dya fink u are callin him a nigga? i will smash all of u crackers. if the man wants to have three wives, then let him. if awhite person had 3 wives u'd all be supportin the honkey

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Akon a good dude you are all lame and/or racist plus there was no reason to lock him up the club's should of known better..not his fault she was there!

Seriously whose view is AKON representing? His country or the whole of Africa cuz he sure knows nothing about what Africans believe. Not all Africans believe is this bullshit and he should represent us wrongly.

I just wonder how he can marry 3 wives in the state cus that will be bigamy. Except there is something I am missing.

BTW is he really 25 or is that his official age? And no we dont believe in fake age in Africa before he goes to say "all Africans believe in it".

Seriously whose view is AKON representing? His country or the whole of Africa cuz he sure knows nothing about what Africans believe. Not all Africans believe is this bullshit and he should represent us wrongly.

I just wonder how he can marry 3 wives in the state cus that will be bigamy. Except there is something I am missing.

BTW is he really 25 or is that his official age? And no we dont believe in fake age in Africa before he goes to say "all Africans believe in it".

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