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Diddy's OTHER Sideline Ho..

[woman in question (sara) is 3rd from the left with the model-like head cock, and a firm grip on her handbag, ]

So I'm over at Juicy-News and I read that Juicy recieved an email from a chick claiming to be Diddy's "other" girl.. check it out...

"Hello, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Now, it's back to work once again. I'm in this crazy situation and I really need help getting this person off my back.
I also need this word to reach a certain individual. Now, we all know that Diddy is a dirty old man, just straight out scandalous. That's not surprising.
How about 364 days of the year he is with me and when Thanksgiving comes around he wants to play daddy with Kim. O.K. Yes I know that Kim is his babies mother, but what about all the bullshit and drama I have to put up with when she is at home playing the rich (not wealthy) house wife.
It's not cool at all. Kim needs to keep her man at home during the wee hours of the night. If she can control him everyday like she controls him on Thanksgiving it will save us all some heartache and pain.

I am the woman who was rumored to be pregnant with his child a couple of months ago. I live in Atlanta and Yes I'm the one who Diddy comes to every night and if you ask me he came the night of that girl pink shower. It's more to the story I just don't need to go into details right now or put myself all the way out there, but it's a damn shame that she has to try and keep him in line when he knows better. It looks like to me she is bringing home the bread and better. Yeah she had his ass in line this go round. I just wish it could be like that every single day. "

Hmmm, a while back I posted the above picture of a chick(named Sara) in ATL who was rumored to be pregnant with his child.. Also if this IS the woman who wrote Juicy this letter, then she had a blind item written about her on VIBE.com a while back.

Could this be her? Who knows...

Source: JuicyNEWS

If it is true....the broad sounds stupid....I hate females like this..."oh Kim needs to get her man"....ha ha, if she would stop opening her door everytime diddy came running she wouldn't have the drama in her life....she's wack!!!

Sarah has been dealing with Puff on and off for over 10 years. She was pregnant. Did recently have a little girl, and I heard she was pregnant a month or so before Kim got preggers with twin girls. Sounds to me that Sarah has someone salting up her game because I am sure there is "hush" clause in her agreement with Puffy. Or it isn't his baby. But if it is or it isn't she is well taken care of, for real this time, FINALLY. My guess is that since Puff is still biggin' Kim up for the first time in about 10 years I would assume it is his. She has been a quiet mistress to many since day 1. This behavior is TOTALLY out of character.


your the jump off chick play your role. If it's all like you say it is you would not be sending damn letters to a blog. Your no one to him so stop trying to act like you are.

Sara if you want a book deal hit me up angelbty@hotmail.com


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