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Beyonces Breath is RAW Son!

Obviously most of us know that Carmen (Nas Baby's Momma) is pulling a "Superhead" and writing a tell-all book about her flings with many prominent and not- so prominent men in the industry, I never really reported it because, well shit it's basically the same stuff that Superhead wrote, except for the juiicy fact that Allen Iverson had stretched out Carmens cootchie like Jay-Z's head stretches out turtlenecks (Thanks Rhymeswithsnitch), anywho Carmen once again throws a low-blow by talkin about peoples hygiene (like she's one to talk). In the words of Miss. Carmen Bryan herself:

Kelis doesn't wear deodorant,

Jay-Z scrubs his butt in the shower..

and Nas once turned down a date with Beyonce because, he said, "to be honest, I can't take her breath."

she also said Nas wanted to have a three-some with her and Kelis before they got married AND that he beat her stankin ass after he found out about her first fling.

For the life of me, I'm trying to figure out what she hopes to accomplish by doing this? sure she will sell some books but Nas is not going to leave Kelis to come back to her and that's what she is hoping for...she is truly sad.

3 words shut up bitch...she's a trick...no disrespect to nas cause that is his baby mama and all but please.....but i cant lie.....i will be coppin that shit.....just to see what tha freak ho has to say......

@ juicyakanova... and that's exactly what she wants ya'll to do. Cop the book, and pay her bills.

She won't get a dime of my money for that trash, nor one word of my support.

Ummm, I hope Jay DOES scrub his butt in the shower, as I hope we all do. wtf!? hehe! Interesting about B's breath though...you'd think with all that chedda she'd cop a couple bottles of 'Breath Assure'...it's some herbal ish, that I swear works even if you just had a heaping bowl of garlic ice cream (they really serve that mess at a restaurant out here!) ;)

Anyway, how you girl??!! Hope you had a turktastic Thanksgiving!

JayZ= That's good to know! Who wants a stanky butt?
Allen Iverson= Stretch away baby!

@anonymous.....well i gave kerrine a try and it was a good read....so if i dont buy it i know 1 of my peeps will either way i'm gonna read her piece of shit..lol

I see she's been schooled by Karrine on how to write I'm a ho and I get paid bitch book, huh? i'm just joking! does Carmen ever wonder about her daugther Destiny?!?! like damn...

Now.....i know i my sound corny..and alot of folks won't agree....but...i like tha damn book.....i'm sorry....her book had alot more substance then super head's book hands down.... as i read tha book, i started feeling her pain in alot of situations she was in.....i didnt get what i thought i was gonna get from her......i felt the total opposite...she went thru what alot of single mothers go thru....it's just that she happen to be able to mingle with tha big dawgs instead of some dusky ass hoodrats......i feel kudos to you boo....as far as her daughter i feel she's doing her damn thing taking care that beautiful baby gurl.....i still love me some nas....that's just his personal life on blast....hey we all go thru some bullshit.....so i had to stop hatin or da gurl and take it for what it is......i say good read......

Perfect!Great! This helped so much! I've seen a few
rather confusing blogs lately, this cleared up some confusion I had.

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