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Melyssa Ford is Sad :(

Melyssa with Big Tigga and Curtis Mills @ BET Hip-Hop Awards
Hey, Ho's have feelings too and Melyssa Ford is quite offended at some recent lyrics on the Games new album.

The beauty told Page Six she is "confused and saddened" by the song, "Never Get Far," in which the rapper lyricizes: "And all these new video bitches tryin' to be Melyssa Ford/But they don't know Melyssa Ford drive a Honda Accord."

Um, I'd give verse right there 4 mic's!

The game also accuses Gabriel Union and Megan Good of sleeping with rappers in order to gain success..

Gabriel Union? I highly doubt that, but I guess everyone has their skeletons.

Anyways, although Melyssa is no where near "Superhead" status, she still is considered as a video-hofessional and will always get treated as such, toughen up, it's part of the industry.

I don't know about Gabrielle but I can see Meghan doing that.

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I'm with you. I actually like that lyric too.

oh yeah, you'd be stupid if u thought that meagan hadn't slept with her fair share of rappers!

Eeek, I spelt her name all wrong, but ya'll get the drift, and yes I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't bedded a few hustlers!

Don't get it twisted..I know for a fact Gabrielle is a skank..Ive seen her out too many times tipsy and just ghetto..Loud! Ingnorant and just trashy

check this shit....i remember ms ford tryin to dis and belittle kerrine like she was higher and better then somebody...now look at her ass...she was cool until she tried and act like she dont be seconds away from nipple slips...and her crack dont be showin.....at least kerrine can step up to her demons...instead of tryin to be an in tha closet trick.....(nothing against them)...she came to tha light with it....instead of the dude putting her on blast...she just reversed tha game like tha chi chi slide...reverse,reverse!!!!!anyway it all boils down to karma.... you talk shit u get shit...yeah and this is juicyakanova....cause this comment section always gives me problems when choosein my identity

It's a shame the so-called hard street nukkas are gossiping like sissy's. Just as sure as we never snitch...we also never gossip,(it's a rule!) esecially against our women some punks are mad at because they cant sleep with them. Man up "Game" and stop being a studio snitch! .....p.s., worry about them ho's in your family!

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