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Preacher of Hustler??

Creflo Dollars mansion, we all know Reverend Dollar is caking in some way, shape or form off of his ministry. Sooooo, what do you think?

Also according to Panache Report rumors are circulating that some black churches have ATM machines-and many of these churches request your W-2 form to determine how much you can give while other churches debit your checking account for monthly church donations. People are also complaining that collection plates are being passed around at a record pace and the more you give, the closer you sit to the pulpit.

My view: While in Atlanta last year for Christmas this was widely spoken about amongst my mom and her co-workers, who knows how true this is.

This mansion is an example of how God blesses those who do his work. IF Creflo is pure in heart, there's nothing wrong with him having fine things in life. If he isn't pure in heart, he will be punished. As far as the ATM's and W-2s, if this is true, I definitely don't agree with that.

P.S...I hate the Pancake (or whatever) report. Those damn blind items just make me wanna scream. Nosy people like myself want to kno the answers.

ADB251! R U EFFIN KIDDING ME and where the hell is the plasma...

yes the ATM's and W-2 forms are true.....I live right down the street from his church. My niece goes to the school 2 blocks away, Creflo was suppose to sponsor some buses for her 8th grade glass trip, and the day before the trip he pulled out and the principle was forced to stay up all night trying to find buses for all of those kids...He's not about the people he's about his pockets....my neighbor went up to the church to ask if they could sign some charity papers for a government funded program and the church told my neigbor that they didn't participate in that kind of thing... but he sure does participate in takin' money....

Wow Mrs.Morris that is amazing, like i said my mom has a friend who goes there but I couldn't get ahold of her to know the truth, thanks for your input!!

Every day I'm hustlin
Every day I'm hustlin
Every day I'm hustlin
Every day I'm hustlin

I can just imagine CrefaHO Dollar listen to Rick Ross, while sticking his church members for their paper they've been tricked into tithing 25% of their income to his over the top ass!

listening, sorry

LIES. geez. I'VE been a member for 5 years!!! THERE IS NO ATM in the lobby... They've NEVER asked for my W-2's.

They're audited every year, as a member I inspect the records upon request.

GET A NEW RANT. This bandwagon is overloaded...and worse than being unfounded... TIRED AND OLD NEWS even for sensationalist.

Um, GET REAL! I've been a member almost 10 yrs and have dated his brother in law, so not only can I put to rest such ignorant rumors- I can ALSO say that Creflo is a man who while not perfect b/c he's human(as NONE of us are), he LIVES what he preaches, does NOT receive a salary from the church, but from sales of his materials only, and he TRULY has our best interests at heart! He becomes teary eyed when speaking of his hopes for us.

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