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Jennifer Lopez in Aspen/Pregnant

Forget Mariah... J.Lo is in town! J.Lo was in Aspen shopping with her family, everything this woman wears is fierce. On the gossip tip Wendy Williams said that J.Lo is pregnant.. for the 18349823 time.


She looks like she's about to bust her bum in that last shot! THAT wouldn't be good....

Cute outfit though.

The shoes are a big cloggy but she's a fashion icon.

My feet are jealous, I love those boots.

My feet are jealous, I love those boots.


I don't understand all the hype surrounding this chick. She can't sing....her acting is about ias good as Halle's.

Shoes look horrible but she's a diva.

Those boots are bangin!!!!!

I love Jenny's style, but them boots are ugly.

jenn lopez is having a baby scientology style i hope the baby is'nt born with 2 heads ha ha ha

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