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Alexyss Tylor IS Educated

Why people hating on my girl Alex! She keeps it real yo! If y'all don't believe in the "Power of the Pu**y", then what to believe in??? Check the New clip out..."A Professor by day and a D**k Sucker at nite".....Classic words people!! lmfao

Around 1:55 she talks about what was going down in ATL's airport.Apparently a gay brothel was going down in the Men's bathroom where men would go to the bathroom, to get head jobs from other men...so ladies if you have a 2 hour wait in the ATL and yo man spends and hour and :40 in the bathroom...Call Maury!


I like this lady! The language is a little rough, but she just comes right out & says it! I've seen her other YouTube videos, but this one was the funniest!

I love the audaciousness (is that a word?) of this woman! She's right to be upset with Eliteist who choose to tell her she's not educated or intelligent because she doesn't have the piece of paper that they own. Shame on them for trying to lift themselves up by taking something from someone else. She's educated enough to know about her FREEDOM of SPEECH and exercises that right with enormous passion. Even if I don't share her views--That I can respect.

For those who don't know: Education isn't always obtained inside University walls.

Stand for something! I know I do at: www.tellitlikeit.wordpress.com

BTW - I have 3!! non-lateral degrees that is!! (including a doctorate)

oops! correction: www.tellitlikeitiz.wordpress.com

this lady sounds like t.i.'s mama, don't hate people. she just tells it like it is

this woman goy me crackin' up!!! she is definately raw.


I live in ATL so I recognize that Bankhead coming out of her. Funny.

"What ya'll thank about dat shit?"

LMAO! Too funny. When she said "his nuts got frustrated" I had to pause the video cus I was laughing too hard!!

great thing! cipciap cipcipcip

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