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LMAO!! Beef Blogging

How lame can you be....Now I can't lie, I'm not a fan of MTO or Sandra either but beefing on the net, You can't be serious!?....While I'm chilling in MIA and ATL over the weekend, I got haters blogging about me to get their clicks up...It's no beef with me because I really don't have time for it... Please act your age and keep my name out of your mouth.While she picks her face up, I'm going to K.I.M.(Keep It Moving)...Some people just have to much time on there hands.


check out my blog i made a post forall of yall for blog beefing

I visit all the blogs and its a shame to see sistas who are successful at what they do e-beefing. It's ridiculous.

I'm lost.

Stay lost. It is not even worth your time. Corny and yaaaaawwwn!

What up Juiicy-Scoop anyway how does on start a blog beef anyway. Megrai was right...this don't make any kind of sense. Let's use our collective powers to overthrow Perez Hilton dammit!

BLOG WARS are childish--AND BEEFING FOR WHAT? Entertainment News....please...that shit is ever so lame

Insecure in life, and insecure on the net...that's why these crazy b*tches beefin with you. It's so pathetic when fools are actually successful at what they do, yet are STILL threatened by other people succeeding as well. Sad, sad, sad.

Freeze Fiya- Your whole post is a contridiction. YOU started this "Beef Blogging" by sending out emails to people bashing Sandra. Now you want to tell people to keep your name out of their mouths? Maybe you should practice what you preach honey. A gossiping male is the worst kind around.

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