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Meet Baby Woods!!

First photo's of Sam Alexis Woods.. Daughter of Tiger and Elin Woods!

She is adorable.. but her daddy need some hair plugs..

Welcome to the "crazy, insane, hypocritical" world baby Sam!!!

That baby has some big ass feet! She looks just like Tiger now...I can't say that she is cute just yet, but I hope for the best. Tiger needs to keep his shit cut low...I understand he may want to honor his daddy with that 70's, tryin' to cover up that I am going bald shit, but please Stop Tiger Canabalasian. Please. I don't really like this inter-racial celebrity couple...I'm rollin' with Heidi and Seal...they seem genuine and they are cute (Seal is cute in his own special way). I have spoken.

she got her daddys' receding hairline. she's a cute beige baby

I thought she was a "he".. my bad. Cute girl

Why the dogs gotta be all up in the baby's space? That baby is not cute (yet). But she is precious, as all children are.

she got the hairline of her daddy....not a good look for the precious baby

Oh it's a she. She has a serious issue with her hair line...

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