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Beyonce & Solange Launch Dereon in Canada

B, Solange and Momma Knowles were in Canada launching the "Dereon" version of their clothing line. This line is supposed to the more affordable version of the "House of Dereon Couture" line. Poor Solange, how unfortunate does she look. She looks like the black-headed step-child that no one wants.

LOL @ the Black Headed stepchild no one wants..

She looks different I must say..
Beyonce look cute..
Not really feeling all the outfits though. I could only see myself buying jeans and thats it.

Who the hell would want to wear any of that shit. it's all wrong, dead wrong!!!

yeah, it's horrible. tacky.

The clothes are alright. Solange looks tacky.

Looks like some Conway shit.

Yall gotta rememeber, that Canada!!! They may wear that over there. Everyone has their own prefs.

They still trying to push the "THE HOUSE OF DO IT WRONG" They not buying that shit here. Know they over thier hocking that over priced paper thin as shit thier

what was wrong w/ solange's weave?? the only fit that i would wear its the white shirt w/ the black skinny jeans. that was cute.

i'd rather see ciara - she is easy on the eyes (thinner, in shape), dances better, etc...

i'm tired of b...kelly can't sell 100,000 albums...b and her family are selfish, self centered, egotistical, arrogant, supremacist and only care about themselves first and you second as long as you worship them like kelly worships them.

where is michelle???can't give an album away...can't get anyone to come see her in her play in chicago...she should be modeling over b and kelly because of her height and size and features- never see her in any advertisements or magazines.

the knowles will strip you of your dignity and pride. they think that they are gods and can dictate your destiny.

b looks like a big fat pig in every picture that she takes. she needs to lose some weight. get married and stop having premarital sex with an ex-drug dealer/murderer when she is suppose to be a role model and the token black that white society wants to represent black female americans.

Is it just me or does Soloange look like Mos Def in drag.

Solange needs to get her hair done...the tracks are showing and falling out...she is really trippin'...hehe!!!!!!!!!!

I think Beyonce looks "okay". I've seen her better days and this must not be one of them. I wonder what material that black and gold dress is that she has on cuz it looks like a long wife beater. And I agree, I'm not a fan of her clothing line, cheap or expensive. I wouldn't wear it if it was free. Now her shoes, that's another story. She should stick to selling footwear.

I love Beyonce and I admire her success, but it will be very hard for ANYONE to follow in her footsteps because she is beautiful and very talented. I think its the media that puts her out there so much to the point where you just get tired of her. But slowly but surely, Beyonce is losing her throne to the likes of Ciara and even Rihanna. Nowadays its as if Beyonce is trying too hard to outdo herself and in the process is not being herself. Hence, the "Get Me Bodied" video when she was doing the "matrix" dance, a Ciara move. Wtf?

I don't think that she has any control over Kelly and Michelle's successes though. Kelly, to me, is a wide-mouthed Beyonce wanna-be who can't sing, and poor Michelle sings gospel music, which as sad as it is, can't make her nearly as much money or as famous as being in Destiny's Child. Not to mention that most people don't even like her as a solo artist anyway b/c of her voice.

Jennifer Hudson is proof that though Beyonce may have the looks, true talent cannot be denied. She made Beyonce look like a porno actress! LOL!

damn, solange' lacefront must be on backwards! her nappy kitchen is in the FRONT instead of the back like regular black girls. ms tina know she could have touched that up! lol.

They B&Tina got alot of nerve they sizes dont even go to an 16 let alone an 18 .So how the how do her moma wear them, hu? Now B knows when she came out she was at least a size 13-15 im thick and would at least thought yhe hefa would make the jeans w/ spanex at least 2%. Oh well Thank God for MRS.KIMORA LEE SIMMONS !


beyonce is overrated, overexposed, tacky, fat, ghetto, and EXTREMELY boring.....next!

and her clothes reflect her essence:tacky, cheap and ghetto gutter trash from Houston. Damn and how many pounds of weave and makeup do these broads wear?! That is NOT what that is! That's what that AIN'T!!!

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