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Press Conference for Groom Who Died on His Wedding Day...

[Mayor Bloomberg (center) Rev. Al Sharpton join other community leaders to speak to reporters in the Blue Room at City Hall in New York,]

Yesterday there was a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg and the Reverand Al Sharpton to discuss the police shooting of Sean Bell.

If you remember, Sean Bell (23 years old) was killed when police unleashed a hail of gunfire Saturday on a car full of unarmed men driving away from a bachelor party at a strip club, killing the Sean on his wedding day. A veteran officer fired his weapon 31 times, emptying two full magazines. All the officers carried 9 mm handguns.

The officers sprayed in total 50 rounds at the car, hitting it 21 times, after the vehicle rammed into an undercover officer and then hit an unmarked NYPD minivan twice.
"We can't say with certainty why they fired," Kelly said. Police thought one of the men in the car might have had a gun. But investigators found no weapons.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg weighed in saying bluntly that officers appeared to use excessive force and that this was being under investigation.
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[Sean Bell and Fiance Nicole Paultre']

[Jada Bell, Sean and Nicoles daughter. After the wedding Sean&Nicole were going to move to Atlanta so they could raise her in a better enviroment.]

[Nicole Paultre, Seans Fiance and one of his children are displayed at a candlelight memorial at the scene of the incident ]

Oh wow! This is all too sad. My thoughts and prayers goes out to Sean's family. What the F is up with the po-po ripping them with 50 shots. I mean if they didn't respond back with gunfire afer the po-po shot at them then why go on and on for?!?! The po-po sound like they're the drunk fools and not Sean and his friends!

This stuff really pains me.

The idiot Sean Bell would probably still be alive today if he and his friends had not tried to run over one of the cops. Why are black males so stupid? Is it genetics or all that malt liquor that they drink?

That little girl's face is breaking my heart so bad.

^^ I know right. Poor child... I'll pray for them.

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